Motortrend CES 2010: We Get a Gran Turismo 5 Update from Creator Kazunori Yamauchi

Motortrend writes: "We caught up with Yamauchi-san for a quick GT5 update during the busyness of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Though he wasn't allowed to disclose many sought after details, it was clearly evident that when the time was right, he couldn't wait to reveal them."

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poindat3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

Well... there we go guys... Porsche is 100% confirmed to be out. :(

Pshh, who am I kidding. Still got RUF and another 950 cars to play around with. It's all good. :D

Mista T3255d ago

I don't see why a car manufacture wouldn't want there cars in the game. it's like free advertising

Cyrus3653255d ago

MistaT, it may be their deals with other publishers, or companies, exclusivity deals....just like Big 3 has with publishers...

Dutch Boogie3255d ago

And this is why mr Yamauchi is a perfectionist and also a professional at what he does:

"Did you happen to record a time?

They actually had an AMG test driver driving in front of me in an SL Black Edition and they requested, "Please don't overtake him." So I couldn't really tackle it for time. But I saw him running off the track a few times, smoking the tires and kicking up dirt, struggling to best my pace. It was a really fun experience."

lol the dude is too fast for even their test drivers.

Cyrus3653255d ago

I'm pretty sure actually the EA (Need for speed series) and Msoft/Turn 10 has some sort of exclusivity deal with Porsche, or they'd be in GT5.

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jamesrocks31473255d ago

this game is going to be quite simply a master peace in gaming

The Real Driving Simulator

Nightmare1423255d ago

"postponement of Gran Turismo 5" Nooooooooooo how much longer must we wait? :(

iron_sheik3255d ago

comes to daddy in April

on the other hand flopza3 was the biggest flop of 2009.<250k (175k in october,30k in november) LOL

iron_sheik3255d ago

these are real flopza 3 sales

real sales

175k in October --NPD
30k in november ---NPD
rather than looking at vgchartzz just commit sucide

also 300k in UK and <200k in rest of europe

total of <800k sales -mega flop


the game sold 175k 1st month in US and never made it to the charts again

DigitalAnalog3255d ago

Can't wait to play this beast. GT27 logitech wheel, HERE I COME!

-End statement

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