GameSpot: Twin Sector Review

GameSpot writes: "Picture this: You're trapped in a sterile environment loaded with obstacles and traps to overcome. The halting voice of a computer outlines the task ahead of you. You have no weapon to keep yourself protected--just a couple of devices that you use to manipulate the environment. If you've played Portal, this is a familiar setup, and it's difficult not to notice Twin Sector's similarities to that modern classic. However, the comparisons are only skin-deep, and the two games differ in a very important way: Twin Sector isn't fun. Its first-person, physics-based gameplay premise is initially intriguing, but the game's total lack of personality, poor visuals, and abysmal sound design suck all the energy out of it. Furthermore, unpredictable physics and infuriating design gaffes make playing it a chore rather than a joy. Twin Sector displays a few gusts of creativity, but they barely lift the game from the gutter, let alone cause it to soar."

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