Valkyria Chronicles 2 Will Have Mission DLC Coming

"We're just a week away for the anticipated release of Valkyria Chronicles 2 and news in regards to mission DLC for the game was confirmed in a recent interview of Sega with Famitsu." - JPS

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Elven63256d ago

Interesting, I'll definitely check it out, I just hope it isn't cut intentionally from the game for DLC purposes, unlock codes, etc. If it was content that was cut from development for what ever reason (aka not with the intent to sell it at a later point) that would be cool too.

Its been a while since a PSP game has topped on NPD, months if not years! Lets hope VC 2 breaks free of the "status quo".

And yes I know about the NPD controversy on N4G, I'm sure things might be different with Chart Get in Europe.

Aggesan3254d ago

VC 1 is still my favourite game in my PS3 collection, and I got all the best ones.