Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Survival Guide

ChronoJoe presents a survival guide with tips and tricks for new players to Uncharted 2's multiplayer component.

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-Alpha3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

I usually don't like random stuff like this getting approved but this was a clearly strong effort. Unfortunately I can't approve anyway lol.

UC2's multiplayer is great. Unlike certain others (whose name need not to be mentioned) Naughty Dog has devoted their time into multiplayer.

No, not DLC. Even though they had one piece, but don't worry that was free!

The MP is not perfect but it can be better with the patches and fixes that will surely keep coming down the line

The issues with the MP actually don't revolve around the gameplay mechanics too much (unlike a certain other game that need not be mentioned).

The main issue is people quitting half way out and the inability for people to join a game in progress. Then there is the punishment system which is a little unfair. I mean seriously, don't punish us for your faulty setup. Allowing mid-game joins will totally fix the issue.

I really also want a pre-game lobby like in CoD. The main problem was that I would want to play games with the same group of people but you had to find another game or "party up".

Thankfully they added a "rematch" option. All they need now is to make a lobby that allows mid-game joins, etc.

Really, the MP is great overall. It has a healthy amount of players (9000-15000) and its great fun.

By the way, Plunder is the best variation of CTF I have ever played.

Superduper093256d ago

Annoying new trends in UC2 MP:
1. People just standing still from the start to the end of a plunder match, putting their own team at a disadvantage.
2. More and more people are exploiting glitches in places like the Plaza and The Lost City. Just yesterday when I played plunder, there were only 4 players in our team and the other team had 5 players yet they still have to exploit glitches to beat us. So annoyed that I had to quit.

swiftshot933256d ago

The co-op is Uncharted 2 is downright amazing. It is literally online crack, its just that damn good.

As for the mutliplayer, its great. Not nearly as great as the co-op, but its still very fun. I totally agree with Alpha that a better matchmaking system is in DIRE need. I also wish that the game had a more dynamic feel to it, like how other games have kill-streaks or vehicles, or KZ2's class system.

Noctis Aftermath3256d ago

UC2 multiplayer has issues that keep me from playing it often, today was in fact the first time since i bought UC2 that i played multiplayer, found people using exploits and it takes to long to find a match.

But i did find it funny when some people were saying i was cheating because i'd shoot them after they killed me or so they say, only thing i got is a ping of 300+ since i live in Aus and most players are american.

3255d ago