Kratos Determined To Unleash Chaos In March

PSLS: God Of War III, one of the biggest exclusives and most anticipated game on the PlayStation 3 has been given numerous release dates to puzzle fans on when they may receive their beloved Kratos. Thanks to GameStop, gamers can finally mark a date in their calenders as Kratos gets an official release date.

In a month brimming with great game releases, GameStop have listed God Of War 3 as a March 16 street date release for the US. According to this report, the release date appeared to have been confirmed due to a Sony corporate e-mail sent to the game store.

Get your pre-orders ready as you can look forward to one of the hottest titles of the new decade. If your a die hard God Of War fanatic, check out the special packages including the God Of War III: Ultimate Edition and the God Of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition.

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RememberThe3573254d ago

Chaos always makes for a great video game. Oh, it's so close yet so far away.

Gambit073254d ago

In the end there will only be bankruptcy.

T3mpr1x3254d ago

lol nice one.

I know I'm going to pre-order the Ultimate Edition tomorrow, it's only $30 extra for a great-looking case and a bunch of extras. I really should have pre-ordered it back when it was announced, but tomorrow's my birthday so no better time than then!

W-k3254d ago

In the end there will only be arthritis many games coming out in march don't think i can buy all the games i want this year might have to rent a lot of them.and Happy Birth-Day T3mpr1x hope you have a good one, have a b-day bubble.

movements3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Bubbles right back at ya Bro!!!

3254d ago