[ShogunGamer] Heavy Rain demo hands on and Video Interview with Sony

Corey Rollins writes: The release of Heavy Rain is getting closer and the hype is building. We wanted to see what all the hype is about and got a hands on preview of the upcoming Demo with David Bull at the 2010 CES Sony booth.

Hype validated and confirmed.

While the gameplay style will be hit or miss with some users, you can't deny the beautiful graphics, amazing voice acting and innovation wrapped up in this title.

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nogolis3255d ago

Heavy Rain... Boring has a new home in February.

ThatCanadianGuy3255d ago

Silogons Opinionated useless as a BD movie for 360..

deadreckoning6663254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Ya know what goddamit, I think I'm just gunna stop saving up for a 360 and buy this game. I've been waiting for a Shenmue style game for years and this is looking good. What Im worried about is replay value.

Like, do the developers expect us to intentionally screw up the QTEs to get a different experience?

calis3255d ago

As much as I am excited for this game, I do not have high hopes in terms of sales.

Pillage053255d ago

Agree...I highly doubt we'll be seeing a heavy rain 2 in the future, but I'm sure sony and devs are aware of the niche market this game has an appeal to. Hopefully it will at least meet their goals. I'm betting it will eventually make its way to 1 mil sold...or at least I hope so.

3254d ago