G4TV: Sessler's Soapbox: Is 3-D the Future of Gaming?

G4TV writes: "It seems like everyone is talking about 3-D these days. Between the success of Avatar to all the new 3-D TVs shown off at CES 2010, one might think that it's the next big thing. Will games start going into the third dimension? The Sess doesn't think so, which is why he used this week's Soapbox to talk about his perspective on the expected 3-D revolution. Would you like to play games while wearing prism glasses that make it look like things are flying towards your face? Or are you happy with the current state of gaming technology? Let us know in the comments."

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darthv723255d ago

interactive holography

Think holodeck on star trek next generation. It may be several years off but there have been many working to make it a reality and not just a sci-fi thing.

As for current 3d trends...that remains to be seen. Not only do you need the delivery you need the content and enough support ($$$ wise) to ensure it gets adopted by the mass market. If not then it becomes a niche like VR in lawnmower man.

TV's, players, studios all need to keep the cost down for it to really take off.

TheCapto3255d ago

I agree with Sessler, 3D gaming is something I don't want.

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mortalrage3254d ago

I don't mind watching a movie in 3D, But gaming I agree with Sessler. If it was a added feature to stuff I purchase in the future at no extra cost, I might tinker with it.

I think its just a fad that will fade away quickly in time,