New Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Screenshots

The Lost Gamer writes "The official North American Final Fantasy XIII website has today received an update that features not only the new International Trailer, but also made additions to the Eidolon section. Within here, we learn about each characters Eidolon and within a series of new screenshots we can see some of the English Playstation 3 version but more importantly gain a further glimpse at the Xbox 360 version of the upcoming title."

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Nitrowolf23260d ago

are those really bad picture or is that how it really looks like?Doesn't look so good if those aren't bad qualitie for the picture

RuPaul3260d ago

This game could have been so much better if it didn't have to be ported over to the less efficient PS3.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3260d ago

They need to stick 'HALO' in the Title!!! ;-D

Wrathman3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

anyone with a live subscription can watch the game trailer which is available on the includes game footage.although the footage isnt the best judge for yourselves.

imo im disappointed with wot a seen.not from a quality stand point.but from a story and gameplay point.its very childish.with characters like SNOW! yes a guy called, snow!and watching this i just thought 'boy have a grown up since i last played this!' it just seems immature and well,the series hasnt moved an inch in evolution.

then i thought,will the halo generation buy this on xbox? the answer is nope! this will flop hard on the xbox.

those screens are pretty much wot i got on the video.but the cutscenes are immaculate.although the voice acting dialogue is corny as hell.wots up with jap devs and the cutscenes?

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Bodyboarder_VGamer3260d ago

These are promotional screen shots. Even if the game looked like crap on this images it'll look the best.

Blaze9293260d ago

wish we could see some better shots. can't do much with 852x478 pics

Jamie Foxx3260d ago

money than the reputation of their greatest franchise.

need a screen comparison to truly see the differences and judge fully

CrazzyMan3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

But, if these screens are close to how will x360 version look, then i can definitely say, that x360 version doesn`t even run in HD.

Was there at all any point to release x360 version???
FFXIII got less content, was more linear.
What gamers won from this???

Saaking3260d ago

I'll wait for actual gameplay video comparisons. I fully expect the PS3 version to look far better.

OmarJA-N4G3260d ago

I wonder if the 360 version will reach 1 million units?

FamilyGuy3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

All those screens were dark and low res. Link to the official site

FYI Avast is giving me a virus warning from the official site o.0

viperman2403260d ago

Im getting it too.

I'm glad I'm not the only Avast user here.


@ 1.4

lolz, ps3 shots are in the same web page too saved at same rez under Eidolons.

my god.

Raoh3260d ago

FFXIII selling a million units on the 360 wont be hard.. Too Human sold very well very quickly and it was crap...

jackdoe3260d ago

No Human was a 360 exclusive. A multiplatform game will be a different story as there are numerous PS360 owners.

CryofSilence3260d ago

It's because it isn't the official site. That was made to deceive people and it is working very well. This is the official site.

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Mamotronn3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

exactly what i want(not hence to START a flamewar, if not for see d so much rumored difference between).

Godmars2903260d ago

What everyone is going to be looking for.

Foliage3260d ago

Wow, the 360 version looks really bad. Instead of limiting the game and it's content so the PS3 version could be closer to the inferior 360 version, they should have sent the cheque back to MS, and dropped this pixelated mess of a 360 game. Granted, it looks better than a 360 game, but next to the PS3 version, and especially next to other PS3 games. This looks really really really bad.

MetalGearRising3260d ago

Confirmed xbox360 version looks sharp and graphically more detailed than ps3 like all multi-platform games all xbox360 games are superior than ps3. and soon Halo Reach first party game will outshine all ps3 games so it's a win win on both Multi-Platform and first party games which means xbox360 is superior console than ps3 = FACT.

chidori6663260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

wow.. another bot delusional much?

Greywulf3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

"Buh buh what i meant was that Halo reach and.. guh guh gears.."

No bot, you already admitted it. in 10 years the 360 hasn't come up with anything but unreal engine garbage.

Good job owning yourself.

Bungie has to work on getting their game in HD first, then maybe we will talk about it taking on Resistance1.

Trebius3260d ago

When in every thread you say the SAME thing lol...

I know your butt hurts from the raping M$ has given you year after year...but dont tell me your vision is going too???

I feel terrible for're stuck in between Generations just like the 360, you dont even know what good graphics ARE lol.

News Flash. They released pics of Halo: Reach...and the consensus is, it looks slightly better than 3. lol. So sorry to burst your bubble, but Halo 3 still cant even surpass Resident Evil 5.

Everyone knows 360 has no games your arguments are void. Your frame of reference is all skewed, M$ rotted your brain.

On topic. I wont be purchasing this gimped mess. I'm a HUGE squaresoft fan...and I purchased every single FF game since '94.

Ill just hold out for FFvsXIII for a TRUE FF experience...

Sorry MGRising, looks like you wont be playing Versus :(


Somnipotent3260d ago

this is why you're in open zone...

mesh13260d ago

hey droids he is just telling the truth it does look quite sharp compared to releaswed gameplay but ill wait to jugde .o and btw halo reach is going to blow everything away on the ps3 graphically.

peterdawa3260d ago

the screen shots are most likely low resolution shots and its just not a fair comparison. you act like a child when you claim that looks better than the ps3 version when its very clear that the screens dont look sharp and detailed. lets wait and see clearer shots.

Hellsvacancy3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Open-Zone? its a zone full of retards

I cant c nothin wrong wid those pics and i got Superman vision

MGS, ive never even met u and i wanna slam your head between a car door over and over till ya brains and pieces of skull r all over the floor

Im sick of N4G, im off 2 look at sum hardcore porn....

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