Serious Sam: The First Encounter (Retro Review) at Pixel Perfect Gaming

PPG writes "Serious Sam: The First Encounter from Croteam was originally available on PC but was ported over to Xbox (the original) and even though that happened so many years ago (on PC SS hit in March of 2001), SS:TFE has lost nothing in the interim. The frantic action is still amazing, the graphics are still great, the sounds really help create an atmosphere that will make you jump as you hear in the distance the headless suicide bomber yelling and getting louder but you just can't quite see him.

Serious Sam has been given an HD remake release on PC and also coming to Xbox 360 by Devolver Digital and {company name} and that has gotten us at PPG to think about going back and reviewing the original (not everyone has a computer that can enjoy the new HD remake, or have access to a 360)."

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