NA FFXIII website recieves Eidolon section update

The Official North American Final Fantasy XIII website has today received an update, with new details on Eidolon's, new screenshots and the new International Edition trailer.

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MajestieBeast3260d ago

Summons use to be cool but after 12 and 13 they just look lame. How much more can SE destroy the franchise and turn it into the next megaman.

hihosilver3260d ago

1st is it me or does the sxy chick with the dark brown hair w/da the spear sound like chloe* from Uncharted 2?
#2 i like the japanese song better, can i disable Leona louis voice, Cuz that song SUX serious it just felt like gospel, and i don't wana be hearing that at 12 o"Clock at night when im playing this?

seifer0853260d ago

Gospel music in FF WTF?

3260d ago