New Super Mario Bros Wii Hits 10 Mil, Breaks Sales Record

New Super Mario Bros Wii has hit another milestone today, 10 million in worldwide sales, with that milestone comes breaking Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' record of fastest to sell 10 million copies on a single console. The previous record was ten weeks and New Super Mario Bros smashes it at eight, no doubt this generation will continue to break sales records for previous generations.

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bmw693172d ago

Amazing sales - did Reggie win his bet?

Seferoth753172d ago

Oh yeah. He said one consoles sales for MW2. I think it has actually passed all versions of the game even the 360 one. Now it is working on beating combined sales for all versions.

bmw693172d ago

Haha, I bet Activision were't expecting that!

kratos1233172d ago

wow the first game on the wii thats sell in a long time this is amazing

Dmitry Orlov3172d ago

According to sales, this is one of the best games now. Right?

Bodyboarder_VGamer3172d ago

One of the best games? More like the best game.

AKNAA3172d ago

It almost makes me want to try this game out.... But I'm still not getting a wii...

Harry_Manback3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

To get a Wii again (got rid of my 1st one) for this game...and Metroid other M.

Edit: Ooh and Muramasa!

Danteh3172d ago

@Dmitry Orlov

Yeah, it probably is one of the best games.

Seriouly, my favorite console is the PS3 but any wise gamer will tell you the same: Don't mess with Mario. He has one of the greatest series, together with Zelda, MGS and others

Saaking3172d ago

How long did Halo 3 take to reach 10 million? Seriously, 360 fans shouldn't even touch the sales argument since the Wii totall destroys the argument.

ThanatosDMC3172d ago

Well, it is a great game with family or friends. The amount of backstabbing makes it worth it.

iforgotmylogin3171d ago

wow reggie was right
my faith to nintendo +10
he said more than mw2 on 1 system i said yup
but i didnt believe it could beat 2 wow its getting there

im going to buy this 1 after i get nmh2 and tatsunoko vs capcom

bacon133171d ago

So much effing money! The game is very fun.....with 2 players max. Any more than that punches and controllers will be thrown, I guarantee it.

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wollie3172d ago

hmmm... great sales?

must mean its the best game ever.

Hisiru3172d ago

No, but it's one of the best.

SpoonyRedMage3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

No the uber-awesome gameplay and level design does. Not to mention pretty catchy music and a nice art style.(Although it's not THE best ever):)

Nintendo really needs to extend it's "New" line to other franchises.

Government Cheese3172d ago

It actually is a great game. Frankly I'm getting tired of hearing people trying to say that pretty much every game that sells good most likely sucks. To be honest its the opposite. (I know it may be a hard concept to grasp, but usually people buy things that are good, and not bad)

Hisiru3172d ago

New Super Metroid would be awesome!

evrfighter3172d ago

probably better than mw2 and uc2 in terms of fun factor and replayability. But hey

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pimpmaster3172d ago

vg charts?? fake as hell

Hisiru3172d ago

Again: vgchartz is tracking sales just like Famitsu or Media Create. Even Famitsu or Media Create can make mistakes.

pimpmaster3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )


vgcharts isnt a legit website they just guess all their numbers why do u think NPD is so diffrent from these guys everytime, theres no such thing as weekly sales data these guys just guess and post i cant believe theres people dumb enough to not know this. find on their site what their sorces are, why do you think they always post "weekly estimates for the week of ..."

Hisiru3172d ago


Because NPD reports sales for the entire MONTH and Vgchartz reports sales for the entire WEEK. If a game is launched in the end of the month, of course there will be differences...

"why do you think they always post "weekly estimates for the week of ..."
Just like Famitsu does?

It's just an estimate basing on the current data...

That's how I know that you are just a hater, not an informed person.

pimpmaster3172d ago

the diffrence is vg charts is FAKE, where as NPD IS REAL.

im still waiting for you to link me that source of vg being real.

Hisiru3172d ago

"the diffrence is vg charts is FAKE, where as NPD IS REAL."

Good argument buddy...

EvilTwin3172d ago

NPD is always different because they track for the U.S. and Canada only.

VGC adds in Japan and "other" (EU, Australia, etc.).

And you DO know that NPD only guesstimates for Wal-Mart, right? That's kind of a big deal.

But no one says VGC is 100% accurate. They do overtrack. First week/month stuff gets revised, though. Their life-to-date sales are usually pretty close.

pimpmaster3171d ago

i feel like im talking to children here, vg charts is fake and always has been fake, they guesstimate everything. 100% of its numbers are guesstimated, they have no sources and no real data. its not that hard to guess how much a game will sell leme pull a vg charts and say bioshock 2 will sell 325,934 its first month, see its that easy

npd doesnt guesstimate walmart, they dont include it. they are the legit numbers and not guesstimates like vg charts which is entirely based on people just guessing what the sales are and people believeing it. i dont know how to put this any other way you can understand, VG CHARTS IS A FRAUD!!!

EvilTwin3171d ago

You can say something over and over, but that doesn't mean it's true.

Yes, NPD guesstimates for Wal-Mart. And they also cop to only being able to reliably track for about 60% of U.S. sales.

No, VGC doesn't just make up numbers. There is a methodology at work.

Now if you'd actually read the last link, you'd see:

"For lifetime sales, particularly for games and hardware that have now stopped selling, data can be considered to be very accurate and will be checked against manufacturer shipment data."

...which is why VGC is pretty darn accurate for lifetime sales, but not opening week/month sales. And no one has said they're terribly reliable for EARLY numbers (but they do go back and revise them for life-to-date sales).

You're either being purposefully obtuse, or aren't interested in actually knowing how either of these respective outlets work.

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Venox20083172d ago

good one nintendo! now bring to us a lot of more good games for us to buy! :)