Modern Warfare 2 and its problem with nuke boosting

All multiplayer FPS games have problems with spawn killing, and MW2 cleverly took care of that with deathstreak perks. What wasn't as well addressed was the issue of camping, which is actually reinforced by killstreak bonuses. And if people are getting a match-ending 25-kill nukes more than very, very infrequently then something is wrong.

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TheHater3254d ago

Last night were this was happening. It annoyed me so much. I was the host. So as soon as he call his nuke in, I ended the game and he f234king him over. He send me a message and I reply telling to get some skillz rather than boost with his butt buddy to get kills

guitarded773254d ago

I had my first experience with douche boosters last week.... I now have a personal vendetta against these d-bags and will kick their butts every chance I get. Good article... more people need to be aware of these holes.

WildArmed3254d ago

nice. I Should do that xD
was playing Mw2 online last night and oh it was frustrating how the same person was dieing by the same guy.. o_O
then BOOM nuked..
heck I didn't even see the AC-130 come in..
I know people who get the 25 kill streak legitly with a AC-130 killstreak, but i hate boosters

QUNE3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

How do you know if youre the host? I can only tell if Im the host after I leave (and it looks for a new host).

I have a slot reserved for these boosters with SitRep perk. I love hunting these people down. It doesn't take too long to figure out that they're boosting.

TheHater3254d ago

As soon as a game starts, press the select button. The person with the full 4 bars is the host. Usually if you are the host for the first game, you will be the host for the next game and the games after that until you quit.

ottoman_2393254d ago

what if everyone in the game has 4 bars, how do you know who is host then?

goflyakite3254d ago

This is MW2 we're talking about here, the connections are never even/all four bars, so you don't have to worry about that.

But like the guy above said, at the start usually everyone will have a one bar/low bars for a second while the host will always have four.

ambientFLIER3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

"This is MW2 we're talking about here, the connections are never even/all four bars, so you don't have to worry about that."

Maybe you need to upgrade your dial-up. My connection is 4 bars 75% of the time, and 3 bars the other 25%. The other players are the same way.

bacon133253d ago

Never came a across Nuke boosters yet. I'm happy to say I've killed my fair share of shield boosters however. Camping and legitimately nuking go hand in hand. After all of the matches I've played, I find it next to impossible that someone can effectively maneuver around a map and get 25 kills without dying. Without camping the nuke would be impossible and there in lies the problem.

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Noobs boost I got 10 Nukes during prestige 3 (for the emblem) without needing to boost.

WildArmed3254d ago

one of my friends has done over 50 nukes, and he proudly displays it on his comment/motto box.
Sure says he loves boosting =/

pegger243254d ago

I ran into this was yesterday. At least, the first time I realized it was happening. We all just teamed up on them and they then quit. I think all it takes is someone noticing and letting everyone else know what is going on and where the people are doing it

MiloGarret3254d ago

I ran into this a while ago but didn't realize what was going on. They were in the airplane in afghan, me and my friend were said "what the fück are these retards doing?". We shot them both and killed them again when they respawned, I did this so much I ended up getting a nuke, thanks to those guys.

Which was funny, but I would have enjoyed the moment so much more if I'd actually had the brains to understand what they were doing...

Socomer 19793254d ago

seriously, its been 3 games already with mw1, world at war and now mw2.
i wonder if some of you guys have recently tried playing socom confrontation. its pretty hardcore. a very satisfying 3rd person shooter that you should be able to get for cheap.

i find it very hard to take call of duty seriously thanks to socom.
the first thing that throws me off is the audio of mw2. i have a very good surround sound system & its very noticing, almost blatantly annoying.

bjornbear3254d ago

i can't understand how people play the MP on this.

Last night had a split screen MP sesh with friends and man the game just sucks.

as we all came to the conclusion, MW2 is "Unreal Tournament with realistic-looking toy guns" because lets face it,

no matter how skilled you are in MW2 MP, the MP is just headless chickens killing eachother.

HOWEVER - the Special Ops was AWSOME and probably the coolest thing about the game.

goflyakite3254d ago

I'm just waiting for Bioshock 2, then BFBC2.

MW2 is terrible unless playing with friends.

BenCrazy4243254d ago

I hate socom after zipper gave it to slant 6 to ruin. The old ones are great, this (confrontation)game just is not up to date with the way the controls (running button is not r3 and when i do change the settings, have to press it constantly to run) are set up and sometimes it is just too damn hard to jump over easy things.

If socom had the control setup like this gen of shooters, i would play it 24/7.

They did keep the button to speak in the mic which I wish all games with mics had!!!

ambientFLIER3254d ago

No, we don't play it anymore. We simply gather and talk about strategies and problems on games that we don't play...

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Blow Out Your Brains3254d ago

I played on 360 up until level 55 and I'm currently 30 on PS3, team deathmatch all day and I never have seen a nuke detonate :/

Bgibbs3254d ago

I know what you mean, I play on PS3 and I don't think I've come across nuke boosters yet. If I have I didn't notice. It seems like its a bigger problem on Live than it is on PSN

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