Fable III – No More Child´s Play

NextGN writes: "Fable III can be one of the biggest hits this year, it certainly has the potential, or it could flop and end up like another childish role-playing game."

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Yi-Long3258d ago

... I just hope that this time you will have REAL freedom, including the freedom to be a complete evil bastard and thus being able to kill kids.

JokesOnYou3258d ago

Kill kids?, uhm OK [walks slowly away], hey I'm just looking to play a great game like Fable3 and hoping they can spice it up a bit with Natal correctly implemented.


Evil Industry3258d ago

That has to be the comment of the year, so far. I bubbled you! Here´s to killing kids! :)

IndigoProductions3258d ago

So true. I miss the days of old school Fallout. :(