Classic PC Games That Should Get a Next-Gen Makeover

Perhaps Hollywood writers are somehow still hungover from that 2008 strike, but lazy and lame remakes of '70s and '80s productions have become increasingly commonplace. While that wearisome and troubling lack of creativity is a plague within the music, movie, and television industries, there is one medium that would actually benefit from an awakening, and reinvention, of forgotten and slumbering classics: the video game.

Budding geeks of the '70s began programming and sharing simple (by today's standards) PC games through the fledgling ARPANET, the network which would eventually become the Internet. Those early programmers, who were typically young and often students, were obviously limited by the computers of the era. The games originally consisted of nothing more than text-based puzzles, but they steadily evolved to incorporate graphics and movable characters.

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