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Submitted by sexybeast69 3160d ago | article

PlayStation Magazines Idea of a perfect Controller

This is a scan taken from PSN. This is their idea of what the new PS controller should look like. (PS3)

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gta_cb  +   3160d ago
this looks like the Xbox 360 controller (thumb sticks in same location, and Dpad in same location)
ITR  +   3160d ago
It looks like a PS3/360/Logitech controller.

Battery life will be crap...unless they really upgrade the battery.

Rumble/Six Axis/AC/wireless.
gta_cb  +   3160d ago
oh right, so it will work with both Xbox 360 and PS3?
MikeMichaels  +   3160d ago
I don't understand...
Why they would swap the Analog/D-pad? Whats the difference?

...seriously, is it that much harder to "run" in a FPS with the stick located there?

That whole argument sounds like an excuse for fanboys to say "mine is better than yours" to me.
Satanas  +   3160d ago
To Mike Michaels: It's simply a preference. I can go with either layout, a lot of people prefer the 360 placement for FPSes though.
Rasulis  +   3160d ago
PS controllers weren't designed around the Analog stick.
The reason to swap the analog stick with the D-pad is that analog sticks are much more precise and pressure sensitive then a D-Pad. This makes them far better for controlling a game then a D-Pad. There is a reason D-Pads aren't positioned as the main controlling mechanism on any system anymore other then the Playstations. They are an old technology and not a precise way of controlling a game.

The problem with the sixaxis is it still uses the PS1 design. The PS1 dual shock wasn't designed in a way that the analog sticks are positioned to be the main movement mechanism. This is because the Analog stick was added on later and the controller wasn't designed around it. They're positioned them off to the side of the buttons and D-Pad making them less argonomic and comfortable to use.

I personally find using the D-Pads on the PS controllers uncomfortable because of how I have to reach over the D-Pad and buttons. I do think Sony needs to change it up. Just because mcdonalds has the most sales and customers doesn't mean they make the best hamburgers. Same with the PS controller design.
QuackPot  +   3160d ago
Agreed but that's not necessarily bad...
The bulkier 360 controller has a better feel in hand.

It will also provide plenty of space for more batteries, a more complex rumble system.

Offsetting the analogue sticks is crap though - an obvious 360 quirk.

A new controller should have:

- the general 360 size and form
- both Analogue sticks moved to the top
- the four buttons moved down down, next to the D-Pad
- L2 & R2 replaced with triggers.

Now that would be a perfect controller - and uniquely Playstations.

* Actually, if it also had a light diode so that the controller can be used as a lightgun then that would make it perfect.
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Seraphim  +   3160d ago
I actually prefer the D-Pad where it is on the PS/PS2/PS3 controller. It's much easier to jump over and hit the D-Pad to scroll through frags and other various items/uses developers implement in games. Also I find it much easier to have a balanced stick in it's current position, and w/ balance comes proper, and precise control. I don't think it would bother me if it were placed up there but I think the layout is proper for the controller [if positioned properly in hands] and works exceptionally well. Moving it up would cause cramped hands and less balance/control imo. I urge all of you w/ a PS2/PS3 controller to hold onto it and actually picture having to play w/ the analog if it were in the d-pads position. Awkward, cramped, and less controlled/balanced would the bet I'd have on anyone who actually gives it consideration and holds onto the controller for more than a few seconds imagining this...

I wasn't a fan of this particular layout in PSM. I'm not going to look at the mag right now, but if I'm not mistaken there was actually 2 or 3 models they listed. Anyway. One of my biggest problems right now are the triggers [R and L 2]. They need to be refined and possibly even be concave like a trigger. Not only that but it seems like a guard at the base of the triggers might be a good idea as well, but that would have to be determined via research and conceptual models. If anything keep the current setup for the PS3s generation but add a guard to the base of the trigger maybe... But the triggers definitely need some improving. I think the size and idea is on track though....
kamakazi  +   3160d ago
i would not buy that..... leave it as is and just add rumble.
Captain Tuttle  +   3160d ago
Well if YOU wouldn't buy it...
drtysouf21  +   3160d ago
This is fake. I'm looking at the PSM July
issue right now its on page 67 this is what the magazine came up with of what they would want. I will post a pic if you want.

Edit going to do it right now.

Edit here they are.

Edit Nevermind title and description has been changed.

Related image(s)
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Violater  +   3160d ago
PLease do
Hate misleading titles.
gta_cb  +   3160d ago
yeh man you should, as already 2 people have approved this, and if its fake then we need to report it.
dknight  +   3160d ago
Isn't PSM the offical mag for the PS3?

I expect the rumble in the handles...since it was in the PS2 handles.
I don't expect the AC function.
DrWan  +   3160d ago
Nope, PSM is not the official mag.
SmokeyMcBear  +   3160d ago
booo this controller

ah man.. its not a kitten, its an english bulldog, sheesh

woohoo, down to one bubble i finally joined the ps3 lovers club.

woohoo, thank for the "+" bubbles
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VaeVictus  +   3160d ago
hooray beer!
Lucidmantra  +   3160d ago
Horaayyyyy kittens drinking Beer
Amplifier  +   3160d ago
Worst. Controller. Ever.

Keep it the same and add rumble to it since rumble is really huge issue

They were going to change the format of the design but obviously MOST of the people didn't approve so they went back where they belong.

I HATE the X360's sticks like that my thumbs feel uneven and uncomfortable.

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cartman313  +   3160d ago
Why is rumble such a huge deal? I could never understand why people went nuts over a vibrating controller. Unless people would use it to....nevermind I won't go there.

Anyways, my personal opinion, leave the controller how it is, and leave out rumble!
closedxxx  +   3160d ago
Idea of a perfect Controller
The subject says it's an "Idea"... although if they haven't gone to the trouble of mocking one up to test ergonomics, it's a waste of time.
It's easy to place buttons, but it's much harder to mold a controller and weight it to make it confortable in your hand. Making it heavy enough to feel substantial, and give some stability, without feeling too heavy is a fine line to walk.
Because of the lack of motors in the PS3 controller (rumble) it feels too light, and provides no balancing weight of its own. Add that to the less than ergonomica controller shape.
I'm partial to the xbox360 controller, but then again so is just about everyone I know who has had some playing time with all of the console controllers.
SafeRat  +   3160d ago
Much prefer the SixAxis
Xi  +   3160d ago
looks like
an uncomfortable 360 controller.
simplemetry  +   3160d ago
this is it.. this one sucks ass... its like the x360 controller.. i hate x360...
REbirth  +   3160d ago
lol...looks like a xbox controler...i like where the start button was put...
Kleptic  +   3160d ago
I love how the sixaxis controller is the same as the original analog for the ps1 (the version that looks like this, but still before the dualshock)...I grew up on that thing...

only thing I dislike about the sixaxis is how light it is...I wish it had more weight, it just seems cheap being so light...not sure why, I just like the weight of the dualshock 2 more...

I definately do not want the sticks oriented like in this "idea"...that is my only complaint about the 360's controller, but the 360's is far better than the original Xbox dinner plates...ugliest and worst controller ever, even the 'egg2' or whatever they called the remake of the original controllers were terrible feeling to hold...
Premonition  +   3160d ago
Not really feeling it
Id rather just have the old PS3 controller with added rumble and im good to go, been using this design for almost 5-6+ years no need to fix something thats not broken.
makingdamage  +   3160d ago
I usually use both my thumbs (on the sticks) when playing and to place the sticks like that isn´t really comfortable...
You hear, microsoft?
Xi  +   3160d ago
I disagree.
I find the other way, far more uncomfortable. Because when I use the ps2 controller my thumb is bent weird and gets sore.
makingdamage  +   3160d ago
I usually use both my thumbs (on the sticks) when playing and to place the sticks like that isn´t really comfortable...
You hear, microsoft?
ShAkKa  +   3160d ago
you got that right sir.
ShAkKa  +   3160d ago
why would i want a 360 control with the playstation letters on the buttons? and im happy with L1/L2 R1/R2 so forget those two simple triggers and the batteries is one of the coolest thing the sixaxis has.
zafeiriou  +   3160d ago
The Answer!
This is would be the best controller for the PS3.
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IQUITN4G  +   3160d ago
Sony did a great thing with the design of it's pad over 10 years ago now.Sony fans don't seem to like change which is why they continue to trumpet it as the best pad but that's plain moronic.The 360 pad is perfect and really fits into your hands nice and snug.The PS3 still has imprecise analog and the sticks are just wrong.People are generally too stupid in the Sony camp anyhow and don't know how to even use analog - tap tap for cars games hilarious to watch.Not every Sony person of course does this as there are Xbox users that also fail to use analog properly.Gamecube pad felt very nice too but had a more unusual button layout.Anyway Sony you need to seriously sort out your lousy pads.
Amplifier  +   3160d ago

110 million "Sony fans don't seem to like change which is why they continue to trumpet it as the best pad but that's plain moronic."

Your comment is "plain moronic".

"People are generally too stupid in the Sony camp anyhow and don't know how to even use analog - tap tap for cars games hilarious to watch."

Sir you are the one that is stupid and delusional for thinking that "you" know better than 110 million PS2 owners on how to use "analog" sticks.

"Anyway Sony you need to seriously sort out your lousy pads."

You seriously need to sort out your ignorance before posting nonsense.

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kevoncox  +   3160d ago
I agree with you but not to the extent you went with your flame fest.
The ps3/2/1 pad ha snever been comfortable for me. It's sticks are the worst of all three consoles. To make matter worst the material on them get's slippery when wet. Why are the sticks convex? Your thumbs are shaped like this....
the top of the sticks are

So you get


It should be

JIN KAZAMA  +   3160d ago
this quote from Archaic is just too hilalrious
"Because of the lack of motors in the PS3 controller (rumble) it feels too light, and provides no balancing weight of its own. Add that to the less than ergonomica controller shape."

haha, it provides to balancing weight of its own, you are SOOOO right. Everytime I hold it in my hands, it just leans to one side or another, i cant believe I cant balance it it my hands. Wow, such insight you have there archaic.
Oh and the Less than ergonomical controlller shape is so spot on about the sixaxis. When I hold the controller, i dont even feel that its in my hands, and I just feel like i am controlling the game just with my hands, and not a controller, you are right, i cant believe they made a controller like the sixaxis.

The best controller was the original xbox's controller. I mean, you have to realise that I am 12"6' tall and the controller just fit in my hands perfectly.

The 360's controller is so good, i mean, i love playing games on the 360 controller, like Halo2, and Perfect Dark 0, and Call Of Duty, and GRAW, and GOW, and Prey, and Splinter Cell. It sooo much better for FPS. Right.
Eldon3  +   3160d ago
and I thought I was the only one who liked the original xbox controller. None of that type "s" bullcrap. oh well, you know what they say about big hands, lol.
Satanas  +   3160d ago
I like the way the dualshock/sixaxis and 360 controllers look, I don't particularly think this looks as nice as either of the others. (Then again it was drawn pretty badly.)
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progx  +   3160d ago
I like it
Apart from the price, the controller is why I won't buy a ps3. I hate the current one. If they did something like this id buy.

@jin kazama: stfu noob, geezus krist.
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Maddens Raiders  +   3160d ago
I hope this is not what SNE R&D -
has had in mind for the new "rumble-axix". This is pathetic. Where's the SonyStyle? Looks cheap and over-engineered. Boooooo.

Hey SNE -- take the Dualshock and add motion sensing ok. Get this crap outta my face.


/edit: -- Xi - how would you know? Really? Your not a gamer. Just a hater. Xi, MArtin, Calderra, POG, THAMMEr1 and Contra26. Hate - a -palooza - Tour 2007 get your tickets here @ N4G! It's gonna be HATEFUL ~ yeah! =]
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Xi  +   3160d ago
that is sony's style.
sorry to let you know.

is that? is that 1 bubble? I think it is! now I truly value your opinion.
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BIadestarX  +   3160d ago
Hate this control all you want.. but I think it's a great Idea. The PS2 game though it the best when it comes to fighting 2d games like street fighter.. it's the worst when you have to use the numb sticks for a long time (Try using the left trigger or shoulder while contantly using the left stick. The right stick does not matter since usually you dont need it while using the right trigger. This is why I used to remap my control left shoulder buttons when playing games like street fighter). The 360 controller sucks is not that great for games where the dpad needs to be use... but it's great when the dpad is to be use... plus it hands to not hurt over time. I think they should come up with a way to rotate the position at will. Like some sort of wheel that allows you to put the dpad where the thum stick is depending on preference or the game you are playing.
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Satanas  +   3160d ago
You really don't like the 360 controller? I think it's pretty good, but I've only really used it on FPSes admittedly.

Edit: I see what you mean about the left dpad. I find I'm ok with it on the dualshock/sixaxis or xbox1/360 layout, but I know some people don't particularly like it at the bottom. Same goes for the analog.
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kingboy  +   3160d ago
ugly no way!
IQUITN4G  +   3160d ago

Your not very bright are you.I'm sorry to sound rude like this but just because a majority of people bought themselves a PS2 ,that does not mean they know what is a better controller.They will naturally have a bias because they love what they have gotten used to all these years and if you put an xbox pad in their hands , they wont like it one little bit.360 pad is a much better pad ,fact and being in a minority does not make me wrong.You can't apply this argument to everything but you sure can here.
sabbath420  +   3160d ago
Looks like an exaggerated 360 controller.
Odiah  +   3160d ago
I thought the GC controller was pretty cool.
Evil Rant Monkey  +   3160d ago
Looks like droids are coming out about there 360 fetishes.
bootsielon  +   3160d ago
The perfect controller would be
The saturn controller with two analogue sticks, plus two digital triggers, plus two gamecube-like analogue triggers, with playstation's "HOME" button (or whatever it's called, I don't remember), start and select (I don't remember if the saturn controller had both), gyroscopic features, you can split it in two and a motion sensor on top of the screen (you know, to 1up Nintendo's sh1tty buttonless, non-100% wireless nunchuck; not to flame, I just hate the nunchuck cable)

Eat me if you disagree ;)
goonerfied  +   3160d ago
style with 360 buttons
Satanas  +   3160d ago
It also borrows the Logitech sweat-free cooling, but this would be a major battery drainer I'd imagine.
goonerfied  +   3160d ago
very tru
gunnerforlife  +   3160d ago
what the fuk
i really dont want two next gen rival controllaers too look the same keep it as it is i and just add rummble to it i love the ps2 and ps3 controllers design its unique to the point where microsoft had to make a controller that looks like it.but different.
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