The Diablo 3 Year in Review: May 2009

Diablo IncGamers' month-by-month review of 2009 continues with the fifth month.

May 2009 was a sparse month for new game info. There was cool stuff to look forward to, as the month brought us our first word of the planned Blizzcon panels and saw the first 15 second sell out of Blizzcon tickets, but the only real game content came late in the month, when the Fallen Ones page was added to the official bestiary. There was plenty of other game and community activity, of course, and you are advised to read on for all the details.

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Holyknight30003257d ago

It was so crazy how fast those tickets sold out. Even if you blinked or your net lagged when you tried to order those tickets you were screwed!

Cogo3257d ago

As the article said: they were gone in 15 seconds. The actual payment etc took longer, ofc, but the chance of getting a ticket was lost after the first 10-15 seconds.

Holyknight30003257d ago

It's just insane how fast they went.

Fyzzu3257d ago

Yep. Absolutely crazy. If they lasted a few days I might've actually considered buying one (I knew they wouldn't, mind you) but... well, 15 seconds is utterly ludicrous.

AndyA3257d ago

I could not believe that. I mean, we knew demand was going to be high, but that's insane.

Holyknight30003257d ago

Maybe this year they will last for at least 30 seconds!

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Leord3257d ago

The fact the BlizzCon tickets sold out in under 15 seconds (or, all the buyers that were given a ticket was in the ticket queue, it was full after 15 seconds) is hilarious.

Wonder if Blizz will have more tickets for BlizzCon 2010...

Holyknight30003257d ago

Makes you wonder doesnt it? lol

Cogo3257d ago

Thinking about it from an economical point of view, I have seen spread sheets for this type of sized events, if they manage to get somewhere bigger than the Convention Center, then they could actually make quite good money on the whole thing. It's just hard to organize events for 20-50k ppl...

Recka3257d ago

Really can't wait for DIII's release ^_^ these reviews really put 2009 in perspective

Holyknight30003257d ago

yeah i know what you mean. Just shows how much went on in the game and the community abroad.


I'm starting a melee sorc today. Another one. My third actually. Go me.

I hope D3 lets you do all the stuff you can do in d2. Like singerbarbs, melee sorcs, fc bears, fun things like that.

Holyknight30003257d ago

Let's hope. The game did give room for creativity.


So far the runes look interesting, but they only seem to be a way to change the skills themselves, not really the variety of builds. Mind you, different skills means different builds, but I'm talking more along the lines of different, bizarre, and fun to see in action-type builds. +skills really helped this, and I hope they implement more of that in D3.. The original Diablo had spells that any class could use, provided you had the magic. I liked that alot.

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