Perfect Dark Xbox LIVE Arcade Release Date & Pricing Strategy Revealed

The forthcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade conversion of the Nintendo 64 classic Perfect Dark is one of the most highly-anticipated releases Microsoft's digital distribution service has ever seen. Originally released in 2000, Joanna Dark's first adventure is set to receive a tenth anniversary celebration in the form of a high-definition (HD) update, and today Electronic Theatre has received word of the release date and pricing strategy for the title.


Electronic Theatre's suggested date has since been denied by Rare, though the release strategy suggested by the contact quoted still holds water.

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mjolliffe3174d ago

Excited about this one :)

The BS Police3174d ago

Words cannot describe how awesome this is going to be.

bacon133174d ago

YAY! Just let loose a big ol' Howard Dean Beeeeeyyyyarrrhhhggggggg!

Dread3174d ago


that was [email protected]&*ing funny dude

, i just did the Dean scream

very excited for this game

and today we got Serious Sam (i just did Dean Scream again)

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Odion3174d ago

I am super excited Perfect Dark was amazing!

However I've never read an article with more ad words

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The story is too old to be commented.