Rumored PS Store Content for 01/14/10

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

Sadly, this PS Store update is looking rather empty, hopefully some last minute announcements will bring us a couple demos or a new game to get our hands on. Fret not however, the upcoming weeks will have some excellent content featuring a demo for Heavy Rain, Alien Vs Predator (possibly this week), and much more. It's been rumored that the EU PlayStation Store will be updating with some content that has only been available in the US thus far. In that case, maybe there is hope that the US PlayStation Store will receive the first episodes of Blue Toad Murder Files.


Rumored Content has been updated. Confirmed content updated with EU ModNation Racers Beta. Don't forget, you must be one of the first 100,000 to download it.

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MightyMark4273256d ago

I played Blue Toad and it's a great game. Can't wait for my friends in North America to get this! Reminds me of Professor Layton

Sev3256d ago

I never played professor layton, any good?

RealityCheck3256d ago

@ 1.1 Professor Layton games are good if you like puzzles \ brain teasers.

It's a bit like Puzzle Quest where PQ had a story but the core gameplay was the Bejeweled-like grid. In Professor Layton there is a mystery story but the core gameplay is made of puzzles to solve.

hay3256d ago

@Sev1512: It's fantastic. Tons of brain teasers and exercises. One of the best logical games.

Whitefox7893256d ago

Army of 2 40th Day demo is already out on the PSP store

Lucreto3256d ago

The Modnations beta is not out until next week the 21 January.

"So how do you get hold of a place in the Beta?"

"Well just simply be one of the first to log on to the PSN store on Thursday 21st and download the Beta. Once Downloaded the fun will start when the lights turn green on Friday 22nd of January."

Dir_en_grey3256d ago

been waiting for the Ninja Gaiden Table on Zen Pinball for a long time.
Zen Pinball is really a great game with awesome default tables too, wish more people are into it so they'll release more tables more often.

ThatArtGuy3255d ago

The trophies for this game require a LOT of skill. The Street Fighter II tribute table was awesome too.

For people that don't know Zen Pinball supports custom soundtracks and online video chat.

mushroomwig3256d ago

Terrible website used for the link, but it does sound like a good update.

T3mpr1x3256d ago

What are you smoking? I don't think I want any of it if it makes you think like that...

Anyway this week's update may be light on content but it seems to be quality over quantity this time. I am excited for the new Zen Pinball table and Magic Orbz DLC! Two great DLC downloads for my birthday! :)

mushroomwig3256d ago

What are you talking about? I think it's a good update, god forgive me for having my own opinion!

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The story is too old to be commented.