Rockstar: 'No Comment' On Red Dead Reports

NowGamer: Rockstar Games declines to comment following reports from alleged sources inside its San Diego studio

Joystiq reported quotes from alleged sources within Red Dead Redemption studio, Rockstar San Diego. The game "was a complete disaster for most of 2009 and previous ... it has since turned around a little bit, but there are huge problems with it still," according to one source...

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Hellsvacancy2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Doesnt sound good does it, dont matter 2-me ive had it pre-ordered 4-ages, Mafia 2's this year aswell

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nycredude2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

If this is true and they need to sell 5 m to recoup, this being a rockstar game I think they will reach that goal of 5M sales.

Yeah this is one of the games I am really looking forward to! I hope they didn't fvck it up. It DID get delayed a long time so maybe there is some truth to it. Oh well maybe check out some reviews first now.

jjohan352985d ago

I hope they don't mess up on this game. It's such a unique game that needs to do well in this generation of generic shooters.

Kakihara2985d ago

Noooooo, this is my most anticipated game of the year. This better not be true.

Demon55002985d ago

This must be another Bayonetta? come on how many years in dev, sounds like a cell problem? release it when its done. The first was good this better not suck or they could kill the best western game this far?

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