VGC Crunch THIS! Episode 2: How Sony Got Their Groove Back

This week on VGC Crunch THIS! VGChartz overlord pays the crew a visit and smites Ajay for his blasphemy. Also, we discuss how Sony Playstation 3 went from software zero to software hero in 3 years.

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Bill Gates3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

They were just waiting for Microsoft to quit dacing like a BABOON having seizures all over the dance floor. Now that the BABOON Has gotten tired of making an ASS of himself Sony has teken the dance floor and it's showing the BABOON how to dance, and everyone wants to dance with Sony.


bmw693256d ago

There seems to be a good reason why you only have one bubble!

Braineater24483256d ago

This is a promising podcast. With interesting special guests and time for the members to get familiar with the model, this will be one worth listening to.

Cueil3256d ago

I wonder how long this will last... personally I think these three are the worst mods on the site, but that's just me. The site is almost completely about sales so I'm just waiting for the backlash that's sure to come against it here.

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