Google Threatens to Withdraw From China

Tom's Hardware: "In a shocking announcement, Google said that it may consider shutting down its operations in China."

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mrv3213259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

I hate when companies threaten countries. It's stupid, China have stood against larger competition than google.

Edit and I fully agree China shouldn't get away with it, but will they? Yes, they don't care about google they are pretty closed off.

Alcon Caper3259d ago

Meh, the Chinese government is already heavily enforcing censorship. Unless the absence of Google causes a coup, I see nothing happening from the removal of Google from China. It'd just be another step towards seclusion with an oppressive Communist government.

FangBlade3259d ago

"Google reported that several of its gmail accounts belonging to Chinese human rights activists were compromised this week. Analysts believe that the attacks were made from within China's government"

Im with Google on this one. China should'nt get away with it.

Alcon Caper3259d ago

Yes, you're missing my point. China has been censoring their people from Western influence for a long time. Regardless of where the attack comes from, Google's decision to withdraw wouldn't be a far cry from what they've been trying to achieve for years: complete isolation.

You can bet that human rights activists don't support a COMMUNIST government...of course the Chinese government would take action against those factions.

mrv3213259d ago

The point I'm getting at is how will google which offers a relitively free internet pulling out help China? If China wanted a problem Google should just you know not agree to censorship they did when they signed up with China.

Godmars2903259d ago

Its not just that China's been censoring information from their own people, but they've also been effecting news and media with the rest of the world. Skewing how China is seen if not just general world thought and opinion just for the sake of doing it.

Alcon Caper3259d ago

Why agree to put censors on a world wide search engine when you can just get rid of the engine all together. You can be the Chinese government won't be fighting to keep Google, especially when they can come up with their own search engine: Chinese-only.

Udidntlistenpunk3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

And even if it came from China, that doesnt mean that the Chinese government has to be behind it. People get hacked all the time in the West. Is the US government behind all of this?

You just take their word for it? How bout you use your own brain and think.

Let Google leave. I dont think you people understand anything at all. Especially when youre talking about how Chinese use a western search engine? Are you kidding me? Thats the whole point. THEY DONT.

Ever heard of Baidu? Baidu is king in China. Google is the follower.

In the West google search engine rules. Not in China, kid.

I said it before, let google leave. Baidu will take every market share from Google.

Google has been acting way cuky and arrogant lately. Instead of just focussing on Microsoft, they have now attacked Apple. It was behind the scenes and nobody really knows what went down and why they are not looking at eachother anymore. But that was red flag number one.

Red flag number two was when the First Lady was depicted like a monkey, a clear racist attack and all they did was apologize for it?

And now they even start a fight with China. Wow, unbelievable.

These new signs are very worrysome.

PS human rights dont mean shiat for Google. Wake up and smell the roses. Human rights and privacy groups have attacked Google for almost a decade. Google controls the flow of information and knows almost everything that you do.

camachoreloaded88063259d ago

The G in N4G stood for Gamers, not Google.

bacon133259d ago

Fine with me. I wouldn't want my company having anything to do with a country that supports extreme censorship, the degradation of individualism and communism to begin with.

mrv3213259d ago

'I hate when companies threaten countries. It's stupid, China have stood against larger competition than google.

Edit and I fully agree China shouldn't get away with it, but will they? Yes, they don't care about google they are pretty closed off.'

I got hate for that so I'll expalin my point since you clearly cannot put what I said in conext

'I hate when companies threaten countries. It's stupid, China have stood against larger competition than google.'

Companies stand no chance against a dictatorship, let's face it if Google repelled will the goverment stop being communist? NO. Will the people start a rebellian and take over? NO. Google is a website and their are 1,000,000's out their. The same way if let's say youtube banned your someone you subscribe by complaining is their even the slimmest chance youtube will look into it? After all google has Fanboys CHINA HAS AN ARMY! You really think China cares too much about google. GOOGLE IS NOT BIG IN THIS CONEXT! China has stood up to far worse than the following 'we are going to leave and give more power to the larger search engine' It'd be like Asda asking the goverment not to look into cases of Bannana theft. So what do you disagree with here? That I'm not as anti-china?

On a side note. Let's face it we took this article at face value like that, consider this a possipility. OTHER people hacked google... I'm sure OTHER ground want the information of Human right activists or unless I'm mistaken OTHER countries aren't what we called sound

This week if the goverment our goverment hacked a terrorist group hotmail would you be appould or is it the fact that China is communist offends you. Or is it the fact that china is communist and didn't get crippled by the recession as much or is it the largest(or close) growing ecomony that offends you.

BattleAxe3259d ago

The fact that Google is willing to pull out of China because of censorship and Human Rights, makes them one of the most respectable multi-national companies in my mind.

ShinRyuHadoken3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )


Agreed, China don't need Google but Google need China. China has they're own Tech Companies. This will be a great loss for Google. :(


Google is a Multinational company and they should stay out of politics. They should stick too they're profits and make money.

Udidntlistenpunk3259d ago

I agree with the statement above that Google is a company and that it shouldnt (and they dont - their withdrawal is just an excuse) intervere with politics. I have worked in the business industry before and let me tell you, there isnt a SINGLE company on earth that gives a damn about "human rights".

Hippies need to grow up. Nobody cares about "ethics" and "norms" in business. You utter the word "ethic" to your boss, and lets see how he is going to respond to you.

As for Google, they just used it as an excuse. The real consequence of this, is yet to show. If Google withdraws from China, they will lose a huge market. And in the longrun, thats going to bite them in the butt.

As for the amount of hate comments here. Grow up.

I dont give a crap either way. Some Chinese dont want cencorship, some do. Whatever. People who think there is going to be a rebellion of some kind, need to wake up. The Chinese government has a 80-90% approval rating in China.

BattleAxe3259d ago

@ ShinRyuHadoken

Just like we shouldn't care about multi-national companies using child labor in China and elsewhere, its all about the profits.....right.

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tdrules3259d ago

if communism was so awesome they shouldnt need a capitalist search engine ^^

Godmars2903259d ago

If communism was so awesome they wouldn't be becoming the breadbasket of capitalism. Ruining their own country in the process.

MiloGarret3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

They don't, I think is already the most popular search engine. Which is why this threat is kind of pointless. I think Google is either

A) Hoping the threat will cause the chinese government to act due to bad international press and/or pressures from western governments;

or B) scoring some propaganda points with "west" before pulling out because of lackluster performance relative to the investments, a decision which in that case was taken long ago.

P.S. This doesn't mean that I consider communism to be great...

Guitardr853259d ago

Just to be fair...China really isn't communist, it's more of an indefinite rule of the proletariate. If Marx knew what China did to communism he would be rolling over in his grave. He intended it to be a utopian state in which everyone is happy and is provided for with anything they could possibly want...China?! No way!!!

Strikepackage Bravo3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

they just practice capitalism in their economy, because socialism failed them, as it does everywhere it is tried.

But politically they are still quite communist, that's the whole reason for the censorship, how on earth can you claim they are not communist.

Wow you young people are clueless, here in the USA we have a socialist president and a bunch of socialist policies in place with more on the way, but we are still considered a capitalist democracy, at least for now.

MiloGarret3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Wow how uneducated you old people are. Seriously, read a book. There is pretty not a single statement in your comment which is correct.

Guitardr85 was right to a certain degree, Marxs' vision as compared to the expressions his writings have taken in real, practical life are two completely different things. What is commonly known as communism is not what Marx intended it to be, therefore, technically, it is wrong to call China communist. An underperforming first year student of most social sciences at a BAD university knows this.

I'm a political scientist, I've visited and studied socialist and communist countries during my years practicing political science and I take offence of your comment. I wouldn't recommend making those comments near anyone who's ever lived in an actual communist and/or socialist country because I seriously doubt you'll be standing up much time after the massive beating you'll recieve.

You're either a child pretending to be older or an extremely ignorant adult, in which case, I pithy you. Stop watching Fox news and taking it for accurate information, it is not.

Baka-akaB3259d ago

With Garret comment's in mind , i dont think we've actually ever seen communist countries so far , only dictatorial regims labelled as such , and hiding behind that cover .

Strikepackage Bravo3259d ago

glad your not some dumb kid, but the stupidest people in our society are the most educated, so Im hardly impressed with your credentials.

I was not talking about some unrealized communist philosophical utopian theory. Im talking about real life, and in real life, countries that are called communist or claim to be communists have evil oppressive often murderous governments, and socialism fails and steals the freedom of men to be all they can be.

If you feel otherwise move to Russia or China and push the governments to practice more pure forms of communism/socialism/marxism.

You people who idolize the blood thirsty tyrants from the past crack me up, I have countless Russian friends who grew up in communism,(long story behind why that is) and trust me, if you came around them talking the crap you do, it is you who would be beaten, not me.

Guitardr853259d ago

You're getting waaaay to upset about this man, lol! I was just trying to show a point!

ShinRyuHadoken3259d ago

@ Bravo

If China is still Communist Country why is they're such a big gap between rich and poor peoples just like the USA?

China censored 20 important companies from Google is just like the USA does with Google. Do you know where Area 51 is?

mrv3213259d ago

If capatalism was so awsome why to we need communist EVERYTHING.

Check your toys, they say made in China quite a bit, now it's spread to other impoverished nations which we as proud capatalist will take advantage of untill there's no longer a profit on it am put a huge dept which we know they'll never pay back. But hey, both systems as their flaws and so far capatalism has been good to me.

Guitardr853259d ago if anyone has even bothered to read Marx rather than regurgitate what they think they know, they would know that Marx described the road to communism as about 200-300 years of capitalism to set up infrastructure, followed by a short lived 3-10 year period for the rule of the proletariat, ending with the swing into communism with the infrastructure to provide for everyone. The reason we get stuff from China is NOT because they are communist, but because their wages are so low that it is cheaper to buy their stuff and import it than it is to make it ourselves.

Let's educate ourselves people, instead of getting angry!!!

ShinRyuHadoken3259d ago

Guys give China a break will ya?

Chinese old men saying " It takes time to make progress"

China nows Communism doesn't work. "If everybody is equal then whats the point of living." And Socialism is worser "Why you work hard for you're lazy neighbor thats getting fat and dont want to work". Pay tax for they're laziness?

China knows Capitalism is the only way keep we humans improving ourselves and there is always rich and poor in this world. There is no such paradise where you can be lazy and have a lot off gals. :)

Mikeyy3259d ago


Wow after reading your post, all I could think is that you are applying this to the United States. Is this what you want?

I know you said that Marx's version of Communism hasnt see the light of day on this planet, but I will tell you this. Communism today, is synonomus with murder, Censorship, Control and Oppression. There isnt a single Positive about Communism we've seen yet, looking at the Soviet union, China, Korea, Ect. If those are stunning examples of Better than Capitalism Governments, then you are smoking CRACK.

I don't know what you are being taught in schools today, but it is alarming to say the least.

I cannot imagine utopia being the Government telling me, that I work in THIS factory, and that I make $25,000 a year, Period. Thats all I have to look forward to in life. That is HELL to me. HELL.

Consoldtobots3258d ago

this is one where I agree with a fanboy like bravo. It's obvious from the amount of disagrees flying in that the marxist inspired and controlled modern educational system has done it's job on the "youth".

Guitardr853257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

I completely agree with you! Communism as it has been used in the world is a horrible horrible thing. I could not agree more with you. My point was only to say that true communism would not be that bad of a thing IF it was able to be realized. Unfortunately, I don't think we could have a marxist economic system for several hundred years. You've kind proved my point. People who grew up were taught to hate anything communist!!! The thing is, REAL communism isnt being told to work in this factory as you put it, but rather the FREEDOm to do anything you want without the fear of losing resources because everything is provided for you which in turn leaves your entire life to pursue scholarly and personal endeavors. People don't make this distinction because of what we grew up thinking about Russia. Like you Mikeyy, I am not all that young and I remember things like the Berlin Wall falling and the like. Like I said, we NEED to make the distinction between what communism really would be, and how it exists today...I NEVER said that the Russian system of government had an iota of good to put those words in my mouth, lol.

It's my opinion that people who grew up during the red scare or the era of the soviet union (me included) have a propensity to hate the work communism and anything associated with it. I guess my main main point was that communism as it exists now is HORRIBLE AND A FAILURE. Marxism however has yet to be used anywhere (and I doubt it will even be possible to do it for a very long time)!!!

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RealityCheck3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

All your gmail addresses are belong to us


Godmars2903259d ago

Wouldn't put it past them to have already copied Google's infrastructure and have it ready to roll - China-only - as soon as they shut down. Either that or they'll confiscate any Google property they can get ahold of.

sakura20093259d ago

great news. google was a bad search enging to begin with

chewmandinga3259d ago

are you being serious?

what do you use?

Jamescagney3259d ago

Ok, tell us how it's a bad search engine. Give us some reasons.

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