Did You Know? 5 Facts on Gears of War

Jayce Diaz writes, "During the development of a game, there are numerous ideas and concepts that either get left on the cutting room floor, or go unnoticed by the general public. Just as interesting as these are the stories and rumors that surround a game after its release, ranging from developer inside info, to random tabloid mentionings. In this series, we pick five random, little-known facts about a game franchise and present them to you for your brain's consumption."

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Lemon Jelly3261d ago

That was pretty cool, I never knew about any of that...makes me wanna play some Gears now :D

Sub4Dis3261d ago

now i have to play through it again...

Blaze9293261d ago

"The fight was about putting the chainsaw in the trailer. Moore didn't want to use it there bc it would take away from the in-game moment. "

dgroundwater3261d ago

Originally the Gears series was going to have a hip-hop soundtrack instead of the orchestral one it has now.

likedamaster3261d ago

Nope, #4 is actually true. They show the actual back & forth with Microsoft and Epic about inclusion of the chainsaw in the final game. All of it is there on the bonus disc for GOW1 Collector's Edition. Including Cliff's first time meating with Bill Gates, taking a picture, and the priceless expression on Cliff's face when Bill imposed a November '06 release date for Gears(about an 8 month window at the time).

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CRAIG6673261d ago

Does anyone have a link to that tech demo? please PM if you do,i would LOVE to see that!


Gobot3261d ago

here are some other known facts:
the games multiplayer is broken.
the love story between Marcus Phoenix and Dom Santiago.
the lack of women in game and the only in there looks like a dude.

bacon133261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

Open Zone asks: Whatcha Sellin Stranga!

no_more_trolling3261d ago


a troll

whats xbox 360 articles without them

Trebius3261d ago

Gears blows.

Graphics are garbage, voice acting garbage, gameplay 2x garbage, and yes...

Gears 1 is 2x better than gears 2...which is sad.

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