Boxed PC games market 'gone by 2011'

PC games are increasingly rare on the high street and it's a trend which isn't lost on 1C's Daryll Still, who explains that retailers really aren't giving our beloved platform a fair deal.

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mrv3213261d ago

Which allows indie developers to make games on that platform.

So what PC games are going to the consoles.... shall I tell you why that doesn't matter. A controller may never have as many keys as a Keyboard but it's not so hard to port a PC game to console and two consoles are powerful enough to do a PC game decently.

I'd like to think PC games will remain with us for a while due to onlive and steam.

JsonHenry3261d ago

Dude, I have been a PC gamer my whole life. Ever since the SNES and Genesis days people have been saying the sky is falling on PC gaming. And guess what? It is still here today and it is still the best experience to be had.

Without a PC console only fans would not have online play, the graphics advancements, and streaming video services. (PCs have ALWAYS done more than just play games)

champ213261d ago

i havent played on a console since the snes days.

Pcs a tech leader, it paves the way for the future. If anything 10years from now, consoles will either be cloud based or all games will be download based.

What happens to the PC now is an indication to what will happen the in console market few years from now.

I exclusively game on pc, I have over 70games on steam now. I havent gone to a retail store to buy games in over 2 years now.

proximately3261d ago

I don't know if it really counts as a PC game when it functions the same way everywhere :-/ . Can't wait to play OnLive on my cellphone by the way xD .

TheBand1t3261d ago

Which tells me that less peeps are buying games in stores and more are doing it via DD.

Cosquae3261d ago

I haven't bought a PC game instore for ages now, don't plan to either.

DD is great (especially around sale time) but I still get the majority of my games from Play/Amazon/Game online and posted. High street stores simply can't compete on price, stock or variety with online stores.

Retail can't make as much profit on most PC games compared to consoles because the typical price of a PC game is that much lower anyway.

Megaton3261d ago

I haven't bought a PC game at retail since Diablo 2: LoD. About 10 years ago. I think the vast majority of PC gamers get their games from outlets like Steam. Then of course there's piracy.

Letros3261d ago

1C games might be pushed out of retail...nothing against them, they publish ok stuff, but it's almost like trying to put an Xbox Live Arcade game on retail shelves.

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The story is too old to be commented.