Razer creates advanced Wii Remote for PC gaming

Razer is to release a new motion controller for PC gamers allowing them to interact with games and software by waving their arms around.

The new motion controllers, which are expected to be available later this year, will give gamers the ability to control a weapons movement with precision down to the nearest millimetre, as long as they stand within a 12ft radius of the dedicated base station.

"The absolute controller position is tracked to within a mere millimetre for positioning and to a degree for orientation", a spokesman told Pocket-lint demoing the product.

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Letros3197d ago

I'm impressed with how accurate/precise this controller is for a FPS, while I do not think it will overtake a M/KB in a competitive match...It might attract a different audience to PC, and spawn out some very interesting Indie games.

mauleriscool3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

looked pretty laggy to me in the video interview

3197d ago
bigjclassic3197d ago

Looks really slick, and if they can get the 1:1 motion and lag correctly it may be a viable alternative to the M/KB.

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