Aliens asides, does Avatar show another way to make the Halo movie?

James Cameron has recently contended supposed accusations from "fanboys" that his recent sci-fi epic Avatar takes some of it's inspiration from Halo. He's right of course, as the influence of his 1986 classic Aliens on Halo is well documents and indeed acknowledged by Bungie.

However, the visual similarities between the two extend beyond the obvious source material of Aliens, particulary in his realisation of the planet Pandora which looks like an environment you could pluck from any of the Halo games. Whilst Neill Blomkamp's Halo movie project failed to get off the ground, In a post District 9 world, does Avatar show another way to make the inevitable Halo movie?

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Alcon Caper3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

If they made a Halo Movie with the production values of Avatar, yipes! That'd be amazing.

I think they could retain the brightness of Halo and still be as effective. Spirits Within was a good film, but I agree that it was a bit monotone and gray, something that should be avoided.

deftangel3259d ago

It would cost them a hell of a lot of money, even assuming the production costs of Cameron's techniques come down. Still, out of the gaming IP's Hollywood hasn't already messed up by putting out a cheap product, its by far the strongest.