Funny Video: Why you need achievement points...

Here is a funny short video from Gamespot's On The Spot Live vidcast on why you NEED achievement points.

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Crazyglues3605d ago

Priceless.... Loved it.. :)

SmokeyMcBear3605d ago

yup, thats pretty much how i imagine 360 users to be.

God of Gaming3605d ago

Ok not funny.. actually very bad.

And you know what is becoming more annoying than those who enjoy them? Those who complain about achievement points.

gaffyh3605d ago

I think you find it more funny if you know what the Gamespot guys are like, I've been watching their live vidcast for couple of years now, so I'm used to their comedy.

Diselage3604d ago

Yeah i didn't find any of it funny except for the end maybe.

gaffyh3605d ago

Just to add this, this isn't against 360 owners in any way, its just a joke against some of the Gamespot Editors that are way in to achievements, Jeff Gerstmann (the one singing on the TV) being the main one.