Screen Digest: Online To Grow 33% In 2010, Natal To Extend Cycle

The online market is set to undergo considerable growth in 2010, according to UK-based analyst firm Screen Digest, and new motion control solutions from Microsoft and Sony will extend the current console generation.

Screen Digest predicts this year will see online game revenue, which currently holds about 18 percent of the physical and digital game market, expand to a stake of 24 percent in the market -- representing significant proportional growth of about 33 percent.

"Physical retail still dominates in market share terms, but with heavy growth in games content consumption on alternative devices and platforms, competition for gamers' spend is growing steadily," said Screen Digest games head Piers Harding-Rolls in a statement released alongside the firm's predictions.

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mrv3213262d ago

Funny how no one has talked about it Natal online.

Maybe because from what has been released Natal has a 100ms, now play modern warfare 2 at that and you'll notice that's far more noticable than 50ms.

Now imagine at the minimum a 150-200ms ALLWAYS!

Seeing as onLIVE people have said that 80ms is noticable(onlive seems like they know what they are talking about).

As fond as I am of the idea of Natals imersion I am a bigger fan of playing online (360's main draw)

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