Yakuza 4: Second Trailer Emerged

Sega released the second trailer of Yakuza 4.

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MajestieBeast3254d ago

Looking good really hope 3 sells so we can get Yakuza 4 in the west.

Hanif-8763254d ago

Thats exactly my thoughts...i really want Yakuza 4 :-)

nycredude3254d ago

Maybe we will get lucky and Yakuza 4 will have Japanese Vo and english subs so we can import instead of hoping for an english version.

Dellis3254d ago

This will come in 2011 over here, you will be getting YAKUZA 3 in March

btw Yakuza 4 looks as good as Heavy Rain

devilhunterx3254d ago

Finished Yakuza 1 and playing Yakuza 2 right now. Cant wait for 3. Amazing visuals and brutal kills. Ouch.