Birth by Sleep Sells 500k In Two Days

Along with rumors that Birth by Sleep is selling out in some stores, we've also received reports that the game sold over 500k in it's first two days.

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MajestieBeast2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Pretty big numbers.

Offtopic:Lbp just hit 3million sold.

xztence2991d ago

Holy Cr*p, those are some serious numbers and just in 2 days?
Doesn't seem likely, I'll wait for official numbers but would be pretty awesome if true.

Way to go Nomura, Western release date please.

gaffyh2991d ago

Woah 500k for a PSP game. Make a PS3 version immediately Square!

hay2991d ago

Isn't it one of the fastest selling titles on PSP? Great stuff.

badz1492991d ago

it's 1 of the most anticipated title for the PSP and you all know how the Japanese love RPG! this is Kingdom Hearts afterall! it's bound to sell A LOT! if I remember correctly, MH Portable 2ndG sold 750k in its 1st week in Japan and that's among the most sold game on PSP or maybe the best selling game on PSP to date! I might be wrong though

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Whitefox7892991d ago

That's awesome can't wait for a western release

DARKrage342991d ago

Can't wait for the US release...!

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