Warcraft film page leaked by Legendary Pictures

Legendary Pictures accidentally leaked a Warcraft film placeholder page at their website during maintenance. The leak took place around the time Sam Raimi was confirmed to be departing Sony's Spider-man 4 production. has a screenshot of the placeholder leaked, which of course has now vanished from the Legendary Pictures website. Is the Warcraft film in production?

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Medievaldragon2986d ago

A placeholder is there to work on it soon. What's the point of creating a placeholder you won't use in one or two years? That's why this rises some speculation and attention.

Leord2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )


Who cares about SM4 compared to WC film anyway?!

I'm not meaning to piss on SM fans, I love the SM 1-3 movies, but I'd much rather see WC movie than no4 SM...

Cogo2986d ago

Yeah, I find it unlikely they would put a placeholder page 2 years in advance...

Fyzzu2986d ago

Har. I've been waiting for something like this, and yeah, I'd say this means they're going to start serious work on it soon.

Redrudy2986d ago

Production is imminent then.

ThanatosDMC2986d ago

Sam Raimi? Does that mean Bruce Campbell will be on this one too? My fav stupid actor.

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thetamer2986d ago

Well, as spiderman 4 isn't coming anytime soon...

Leord2986d ago

Indeed, might just as well continue with the work list!

DJDarkstar2986d ago

Well, He has been confirmed to not be doing Spiderman 4 any time soon, and now this hehe. Shouldn't be too far away I think :D

Monkey5212986d ago

according to he has been confirmed to NOT be doing it at all. They are finding a new director and complete new cast.

gladiatory2k2986d ago

They're rebooting the franchise and Raimi is out. This will allow Sam to move forward on the Warcraft movie and the Spierman franchise to be shafted by McG or some other crappy director. It's a shame since it would have been interesting to see John Malkovich as the Vulture.

Recka2986d ago

Movie should be very interesting to see, and most likely with a closer date than I thought O_o

Leord2986d ago

Would it be like 1-2 years if they start properly now?

UIOP2986d ago

At least it's a good sign that they are working on it :)

Leord2986d ago

Yes, but didn't they have "WarCraft" on the list ages ago as well? I know this is a whole page placeholder, but still?

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The story is too old to be commented.