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Edward of TheKoalition writes, Electronic Arts is kicking off the new year with, in my opinion, the best spring lineup for any publisher. With titles such as Mass Effect 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Dante's Inferno, EA is the company to lookout for. The first EA title in 2010 is the sequel to the co-op third person shooter Army of Two: The 40th Day. The two mercenary amigos, Salem and Rios, are back after nearly two years since the first installment. The first game wasn't the best shooter nor the best co-op experience we've ever had, it was simply an average game that needed a few more improvements to make it a good game. Army of Two promises to deliver a better game with the sequel by making some much needed improvements and expanding on the multiplayer elements of the first game.

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Dellis3261d ago

I rented this and beat it in less then 6 hours, the story is not even as cool or compelling as the first game, which if you go look back at it
makes this one seem like cheesy affair.

I think EA got scared of the way the media portrayed part 1, so they told these guys to reboot the game again, notice is it not a sequel at all, playing this made go want to go play part 1 which had many areas and set pieces, this one is all in the same place.

I got a feeling this is the last A02 we wil see this generation

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