New Splinter Cell: Conviction 'Behind Closed Doors' Vidoc

The Lost Gamer writes "The third Splinter Cell: Conviction 'Behind Closed Doors' video has hit Xbox Live Marketplace today available here.

This new documentary video investigates both the storyline, characters and setting of the upcoming title and is well worth a watch. In search of his daughter's killer, Fisher's search will lead him to Washington D.C. where he becomes involved in a plot far larger than he realises. Information within the video provides an insight into characters that will aid Fisher, and also those that will go up against him."

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NewZealander3175d ago

this doc has been on the net for ages now, its nothing new

Seedhouse3175d ago

There are three Behind Closed Doors video documentaries - this is the third, and was only released this morning :)

Mildrop3175d ago

Hmm not seen this one before thanks for posting

3175d ago
BeaArthur3175d ago

Picking it up on day 1, can't wait.

no_more_trolling3175d ago

in before the metal gear and killzone comparisons lol

cant wait, day one for me too

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