GamerLive CES 2010: Samsung Unveils New Gaming Monitors

GamerLive writes: "Samsung Electronics America used CES 2010 to launch its Samsung Syncmaster MD230 Monitor, which will change the way people play PC games. At the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show, this 22-inch monitor won a CES Innovation Award. Samsung designed specifically thre Syncmaster MD230 for multi-screen computing."

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tdrules3174d ago

i dont want multiscreens, i want one monitor with that amount of pixelcount, how is it progression when its essentially a load of frames getting in the way
why are people stopping at 1080p >:(

Letros3174d ago

But 1080p is all the money making consoles CAN do, emphasis on CAN.

Once OLED takes hold, stuff is going to change, curved monitor screens with 16:3 aspect ratio will come out and it's gonna provide a pretty awesome gaming experience.

Raider693174d ago

Sumsung LED TV - 50ms ( on game mode) to 80ms of input lag ( normal)!No thanks i still prefere my SONY Z4500 that gives me 0 to 10ms ( on game mode ) 18 to 31 on ( normal and haves great black to blacklight!

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