Colin McRae: DiRT scores 8.4 on CVG

CVG's summary reads:

"So, in the end, you just have to accept the new Colin McRae for what it is. It might be arcade-like, and we hate the annoying, Tony Hawk-style American voice-over man that does nothing but bleat over-enthusiastic bollocks like "Yeah, we won because we were the fastest!" (we miss Nicky Grist), but despite the culture change, this is a great racing game.

It's an arcade-style rally game with immense variety in cars and courses, it looks incredible (although still has some choppy frame rate dips) and has the most amazing crash physics. Combine the huge single-player career with the online racing and there's loads of racing pleasure to be had."

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brianodom4079d ago

good..i'll scoop this one up

MoonDust4079d ago

?? 8 players fighting it out?

gapzi11a4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

No head-to-head multiplayer. Only leaderboard races.

MoonDust4079d ago

That is incredibly disappointing.

God of Gaming4079d ago

Actually it will have 100 player races in the tradition of rally sim. Meaning all 100 will be racing the same track at the same time.... going for the best time. I am interested in giving it a shot.. I LOVE rally games so the single player alone is enough for me to buy this game.

VirusE4079d ago

I played the demo and the physics just didn’t feel right especially when using the MS wheel.

gapzi11a4079d ago

I felt the same way after the demo.

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The story is too old to be commented.