Zombie Bioshock: The Game That Never Got Made

Before BioShock, 2K Boston was going to make a Zombie version of their game SWAT.

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nogolis3257d ago

Typical comments you'll see in this topic

"Oh, man that sounds awesome!"

"Why didn't they make this game!"

"Man, I'd kill for that game!"

"I love zombies and anything with zombies is so super cool!"

"2k games are so ambitious I'd love to sleep with them at night."

"You can have Bio Shock, I want that game."

"I'm a peter peltcher and love all things nerdy and absurd. That is my game."

"We don't have enough zombies games."

"Can't have enough zombie games."

"I bet they're making it."


I'm glad they didn't make it. I hate 2k games and I hate Bio Shock.

Imtey3252d ago

nogolis is in a race against Bungie to get as much disagrees on n4g as they can!

Seriously, check out his comment history

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