GameStop Looking To Offload All Its Xbox 360 Elites?

Kotaku: "On Monday, we wondered where all the 120GB hard disk drives for the Xbox 360 had got to. This GameStop promotion may help explain what's going on.

It's offering a $50 GameStop gift voucher with every Xbox 360 Elite console sold. Out of the blue, not long after official price cuts and the holiday season. Considering almost everybody buys a few games or at least a second controller with their console, it's effectively a temporary $50 price cut.

Why the rush to get Elite consoles out the door? Well, if you look on GameStop's site, the regular Elite bundle is "Currently Not Available Online". It's not available at Best Buy, either (only the holiday bundle is). Same with Walmart.

Sounds to us like the previously limited edition, 250GB "Super Elite" Xbox 360 is about to replace the regular 120GB model of the Elite."

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JOLLY13258d ago

I really want a 250 gig hard drive. I just don't like cod.

Government Cheese3258d ago

And here I am still with my measly 20gig, with only 4.8GB left lol.

Noob3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

At the movement, I also have a 20gb HDD with no space at all(800mbs left) and no HDMI. This would be a good replacement.

AAACE53258d ago

I gotta be honest, I really want to get one of those with the 250 Gb in it because it eases my mind to have all of my games stored on my 120 Gb HDD so the system doesn't have to work so hard. Now I don't have to keep worrying about my 360 overheating. But I am not ready to spend $400 for another 360, especially when I think this is happening to make room for another version... probably 500 Gb!

IdleLeeSiuLung3258d ago

I upgraded to the 120GB elite and the extra space is really nice now that game installs are possible. Love the option to install.

Most games load way faster and the machine is a tad quieter. Now, if MS would only put in a quiet fan!!!

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3258d ago

Yeah, I was able to get a like new factory 120GB hard drive (for $50! :D ) and I am now wondering how I got along for so long without one.

Money well spent.

Anon19743258d ago

My 20GB drive has almost zero room left on it, and it's purchased content, not demos or anything easy that I want to part with.

I buy most of my content on my PS3 now. It was just a cheaper option for me to upgrade my 60GB drive to a 250GB drive for only $50. I don't know why Microsoft won't allow 3rd parties to come in and make some cheaper storage. If there were a cheap alternative, I'd be more inclined to use my 360 because I wouldn't worry about the space future downloads would take up. Their loss, I guess.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

Where did you get a $50 250GB hard drive?

*I just did a quick Google search and see that they have come down quite a bit since I last priced them. Very cool.

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blue7xx73258d ago

So its seems they are gonna replace the 120gb elite with the 250 gb elite.

PandemicPrawn03258d ago

Most probably making the 250gig the new standard.

But could we be seeing a redesigned 360 later in the year along side Natal?

After all Microsoft have been saying that 2010 will be the xbox's biggest year ever.

and it wouldn't come much bigger than that.

trancefreak3258d ago

i have 60gb model I could always use more space but so far so good.

A redesigned xbox like u mentioned would be nice. Removing the larger power supply would make it that much better.

jdigitalseven3258d ago

So they are only making the more expensive one nice!! Wonder if they will lower the HDD prices for adding to the arcade version. They really need to because those things are incredibly over priced.

SilverSlug3258d ago

The issue here is that they are not moving enough Elite units compared to their Arcades. Its hard for a consumer to justify spending 300 bucks when they can get a PS3 for the same price. My friend works at Wal-mart and says they sell 3x more Arcade units than they do Elites; I'm pretty floored, I didn't think anyone bought Arcade Units. I think the 199.99 price point is the 'sweet spot' for the mainstream consumer.

I think this is probably a factor of two things, lower sells for those units than expected and probably a 250gb SKU to replace the Elite.

In my opinion, introducing a new SKU will be dumb; especially since they will be introducing new SKUs this winter for Project Natal.

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