GoFanboy: Castlevania the Adventure Rebirth (Wii) Review

GoFanboy writes: "Rebirth doesn't expand on what has become a very convoluted franchise. Instead it gives the loyal something they've been dreaming of for a very long time; a fresh, but thoroughly traditional, Castlevania adventure. Originally released over twenty years ago on the Game Boy, Castlevania: the Adventure wasn't exactly a hit to say the least. Low man on the Belmont family tree - Christopher didn't move with what we call lighting speed. His trusty whip lost strength with each injury and the each of the four levels were designed to require skill and precision impossible due to the actual engine the game was designed with. Flash forward to today and Konami is looking to right what once went wrong. Think of Castlevania the Adventure Rebirth as Konami's apology to Christopher Belmont using new technology and Nintendo's WiiWare."

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