Forza Motorsport 3 DLC #2 Now Available – Review pending


"Well I downloaded the pack as soon as it became available early this morning Aust time, and have taken all 10 for a spin. It includes the following cars, and I'll have an extensive road test on all ten by tomorrow morning."

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BadCircuit3255d ago

The cars look great, I can't wait to find out how good they are on the road.

XboxOZ3603255d ago

Well I'm about to dedicate several hours to them this evening, racing as well as just driving then around a few tracks. The test track i use is the two main Le Mans circuits - old and new.

The only thing I do with all of them is lower the tyre pressure a tad to allow for more grip in corners.

iron_sheik3255d ago

forza3 sold just <250k in usa (175k in ocober,30k in november and <30k in december obviously)
300k in UK but <600k in europe
around 800k LTD ww

definitive flop of 2009

XboxOZ3603255d ago

Well seeing that you've NEVER played the game It's nice to know you can pass such qualified comments about it.

I at least do not comment on things I have not played. But then again, I am talking to a one eyed biased individual who has yet to grow up. When you do, you'll see that all games, no matter what the platform, are here to be enjoyed by all.

nix3255d ago

lol... stop wasting your time in Open Zone. Open Zone is for laughs and stupidity and sometimes harsh truth.

i think the hate for the game is even more thanks to the developers loud mouth statements. even i think it's a mediocre game compared to GT5. let bygone be bygone.

PopEmUp3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

how do you know that he had not play the game yet? lol

XboxOZ3603255d ago

Love this game, shame there's not enough hours in the day to playthis, and all the other games.

This lot of cars in the DLC #2 sure is a treat. And there's no use complaining, as the guys at Turn 10 can only produce so much for each DLC.

So we miss out on some cars now, but no doubt will pick them up in the next and following DLC's.

Gunandthewink3255d ago

I havent really gotten into forza, yet at the same time these cars look great. unfortunately I reckon 400 MSP is a little pricey.

Immortal Kaim3255d ago

How much does 400msp equate to? It is 10 cars...

XboxOZ3603255d ago

Well 1800 points is aboout $AU15 I think, as I get 3000 points for $32 when I top up. So for the ten cars, it's very cheap really.

XboxOZ3603255d ago

Oh do go away, you wont find me bagging PS3's precious game, in fact, I'll be buying it. Because I'm a gamer, not a whinner.

So do everyone a favour, and grow up.

iron_sheik3255d ago

but anyway since the game MEGA FLOPPED i guess we wont see a FM4

definitive game ? LOL definitive flop of 2009
at the same time i could say that GT5 will be the biggest game of 2010 and will not only outsell flopza3/any other x360 game but will completely kill x360 in europe

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The story is too old to be commented.