Game Informer's best of 2009 winners

Game Informer has revealed their winners for their "best of 2009 awards" in the magazine's latest issue. Categories include Game of the Year, Best Action Game, and more.

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iron_sheik3257d ago

is ....Uncharted 2 as expected (10,10 from reviewers)

best action game --UC2
best ps3 game --UC2

GOTY 2009 on all consoles/platforms -----UC2

iron_sheik3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

oh wait those are flop games 80% at meta LOL as opposed to 96 for UC2 -highest rated exclusive game on HD consoles

best racing game -dirt 2

oh wait flopza3 is the definitive flop of 2009 .it didnt even reach 250k in US

nix3257d ago

would have been more than 96 at meta.. thanks to sites that wanted to see PS3 game fail. but thankfully the whole media thought it was a great game.

Valay3257d ago

Not surprised about Uncharted 2 picking up another Game of the Year award - It's well deserved.

captain-obvious3257d ago

Best Fighting Game: Street Fighter IV
Best Strategy Game: Empire: Total War
Best Handheld Game: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Best Downloadable Game: Battlefield 1943
Best Puzzle Game: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
Best Racing Game: DiRT 2
Best Sports Game: NHL 10
Game of the Year: Uncharted 2
Best Action Game: Uncharted 2
Best PS3 Game: Uncharted 2
Best Music/Rhythm Game: DJ Hero
Best Role-Playing Game: Dragon Age: Origins
Best PC Game: Dragon Age: Origins
Best Shooter Game: Modern Warfare 2
Best Competitive Multiplayer Game: Modern Warfare 2
Best Wii Game: New Super Mario Brothers Wii
Best 360 Game: Assassin’s Creed 2

good list

Bathyj3257d ago

I still say if KZ had released later in the year and been still fresh in everyones mind, it would be getting alot more credit. MW cant hold KZ's ammobelt.

The_Firestarter3257d ago

I totally agree. KZ2 is a phenomenal game; both the campaign & multiplayer is so unbelievably fun. Sure, KZ2 doesn't receive loads of awards, but that doesn't mean it's a bad game. It's easy for people to forget about the games released earlier in the year. It's the burden 1st quarter games must bare I guess. *shrug*

mal_tez923257d ago

Call of duty is the same game we played 2 years ago with a few new features. It's still a game for noobs that requires little skill, but now caters for campers too. The singleplayer campaign is rediculously short also.

Killzone 2 offers and unbeatable FPS experience. The shooting gameplay demands a lot more skill and is so much more fun. The singleplayer is amazing and the multiplayer wasn't full of glitches.

Guido3257d ago

Didn't they get the memo? Forza 3 is the definitive racing game...

badz1493256d ago

it's a way better game then MW2! oh well, being popular does warrant some awards too I think!

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Ziriux3257d ago

Great. List, to the guy that says where's ODST, it wasn't anything new.

kvg883257d ago

but I really don't agree with their best racer - forza 3 should have got it.

3257d ago
kingdavid3257d ago

Open zone is that way >>>>

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