Hopes Down: FFXIII Might Be A Crushing Disappointment, Especially For Westerners

GT:However just yesterday, while reading Eurogamer's hands on experience with the game, it dawned on me: Final Fantasy XIII might disappoint us all.

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Ninji3230d ago

lol, "might".

Of course it will be a disappointment (and a huge disappointment for FF fanboys that will try to justify their purchase).

It's a highly linear action game that is already rated worse than FFX-2 so that right there tells you that FF13 is the worst in the series.

Whitefox7893229d ago

sheesh worse then FF X-2 its really rated that badly?

Kalowest3230d ago

Still a D1P for me, theirs not a FF game i don't like.

hay3229d ago

I preordered it some time ago. While I'm heavily disappointed by the cuts and compromises, it appears to be good game.

First of all, I want to check it for myself how good or bad it is.
Hype fooled me already with Fallout 3 and GTA4. Mediocre reviews with GT on PSP(which I like).
I want to cast my own judgement.

StanLee3229d ago

Final Fantasy has been a disappointment now for a long time. I think XIII actually will resurrect the franchise.

BadboyCivic3603229d ago

Square and enix needs a divorce...things are not looking good for this company...they never give there fans what they want and have gone so far astray on what a traditional JRPG is supposed to be...give me back my turn base,towns,shops,inns and strategy in battles...

camachoreloaded88063229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

that FFXIII is a withdrawal into tradition, that it was very conservative for the JRPG genre. But then at the same time they're saying that the absence of towns and the linear paths are a bold move. So what is XIII a risky move or a safe play, according to these guys?

And here's a very well written and informative positive review on the game, which somehow (/s) didn't get featured on the front pages of N4G, but it was submitted in. Read it for yourself, hopefully then you'll all notice how you just love to cling to the negatives. Just to give you a heads up...this guy scored it a very good 85/100. Keep in mind the other great games he's scored that are within the same range...he gave Valkyria Chronicles an 88 and Demon's Souls an 84.

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badz1493230d ago

I thought the article was written based on 1st hand impression but it's actually reflecting those from Eurogamer's hands on. why the hell write anything while you're yet to experience it yourself?

LiquifiedArt3230d ago

I've read and seen pretty terrible things (And i'm a collector).

Its really hard to justify giving my money to a company who has been dissapointing for years and moving in the wrong direction. FF12 was praoblya s bad as it has gotten ever, the characters were horrid.

13 has no towns or anything, i'll pass.

movements3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Square-Enix made the game so linear that it's now too bland; too boring...

If after I play a game for five hours and still there's no enjoyment, no challenge, just a plethora of cut-scenes etc., then I'd just put it down and try something else. Trade it in or something.

kraze073229d ago

I guess you've never played any 2D side-scrollers before then have you? Unlike many others I don't think a game is automatically bad just for being linear.

stonecold13229d ago

the gamee has been gimped so they could fit it on a dvd im pretty sure i might give it a miss and get it once it hits the bargain bins

BYE3229d ago

Yep, just like Alan Wake, formerly a PC open world game, now a linear 360 exclusive.

True_Religion3229d ago

What has MS and a DVD format to do with a linear STORY??

YOu sound like a retard.

And thx to the inferior PS3 hardware, the multiplattform games could already look much better... thx to SOny and their POS3 :(

Trebius3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

You have officially posted the most retarded, nonsensical, delusional, little bus, down syndrome message on N4G.

Your reward?

A loss of Dignity, and another year of loneliness and tears.

A SE Employee already stated they cut out over 40 hours worth of content to avoid having to use a hundred DVDs :)

The FFXIII as it stands is 15 gigs smaller on the 360 just cause everything had to be compressed.

FlobBoxPleaseFixMe is stuck between generations. it's better than PS2, but cant compete with PS3.

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