Knights In The Nightmare Dreams Up PSP Port

As announced in this week's issue of Famitsu, a PSP version of Knights in the Nightmare is in the works. New features include tutorial missions, a database of character chats in a talk collection, and an animated opening movie.

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reintype3256d ago

I've been wanting to play this, but can't since I don't have a DS. A PSP port is indeed a great news for me :D

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PS360WII3255d ago

oh man. This game is amazing on the DS. PSP owners better get this!

SpoonyRedMage3255d ago

How is it going to work?:S

Seems like an odd choice of game to port.

PS360WII3255d ago

I'm sure all the gameplay elements will be scrapped for a more traditional tactics gameplay

SpoonyRedMage3255d ago

Ekk, I hope not, the gameplay was like the most praised thing about the game.. but from what I've seen it'd be hard to replicate.

...they still need to release this in the EU.:(

PS360WII3255d ago

What?! EU didn't get the DS version yet? Sorry for you :(

Yeah not sure how they'll pull off some of the gameplay for the PSP but I'm sure they have some ideas otherwise they wouldn't try 0.o

iforgotmylogin3255d ago

... the gameplay was the most innovative thing about this.

well we will see which system it sells more on.

i want blood of the bahmut

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