PS3 Update 1.81 is out now.

Well folks, the 1.81 PS3 firmware update is now live. Grab the updated system software for your PS3 today as it conatins a few minor fixes and a big RGB fix that seems to affect Europeans more than US users.

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devi8i3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

EDITED------ thanks

Contra263666d ago

all these firmware updates... just seem like fixes

Phlapp3666d ago

Some are fixes some are additional functions!

Whats your point?

Azurite3666d ago

That some companies decide to add other things than "merely" fixes is a feature.

MetalProxy3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Is there something wrong with updates? The 360 gets them alot also. Especially the first year it came out.

shotty3666d ago

Actually the 360 gets 2 per year

masterg3666d ago


What are you talking about. I have had my 360 for about a year or so. I remember at least 6-7 updates.

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Silverwolf3666d ago

which is cool, it's just a shame how many systems it bricks once update.

mrgud793666d ago

I find it very funny, that SONY needs to update an existing update with another update!

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