EVE Online Invades The Real World In Stunning Images

Kotaku writes: Ships from EVE Online, disguised as real world objects, as seen on OEG.

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NateNater3261d ago

Looks like GT5 has some competition ;)

ChozenWoan3261d ago

As far as GT5 is concerned this is not competition. The pic is prerendered and thus is not in realtime... actually it's not from the game but just ads/collector's posters.

They look good but I've given up on monthly subscriptions to any single game. Can't wait for PSN Premium where you can pay one price and have access to any MMO that is available on the PS3. That way if I'm feeling up for some DC Universe or something else, I can switch my MMO focus without having to subscribe to both individual games or loose my chars.

NateNater3261d ago

Sorry you have to click the "via" in order to get to all the shots. I think I messed things up. My bad.

And the Gran Turismo 5 comment was just a graphics competition joke :)

ChozenWoan3261d ago

np, it was 5am and my sarcasameter wasn't plugged in yet. =)

thanks for the heads up on the pic(s) tho

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JonnyBigBoss3261d ago

I really loved this game!

Mikeyy3261d ago

I've always wanted to try eve, but I just never got around to it. I hear its complex? true or not?

Also how much does it cost?

Lionsguard3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

$15 a month like every other mmo and yes it is very very complex and has an extremely steep learning curve. This is definitely not for people who think WoW is hard. Also it's a HUGE grind-fest. Not griding for levels but for cash by mining. If you thought mining in WoW was a chore or killing bunnies in some other MMO to level up was a pain in the ass. Oh boy, you have no idea. You pretty much press a button to mine a piece of ore and depending on your mining laser and cargo room it's pretty much click and watch TV for 30 minutes then you go sell it. Oh but not to the nearest space station no no no, the one that pays you the most? oh hell it could be 2-15 hyper jumps away and these jumps require your ship to warp to a jump gate which takes you to another star system which then you have to warp again to another gate and rinse and repeat until you arrive at your destination. Oh but watch out you're now in 0.0 zone which means theres no Concord Space Police to back you up when that gigantic pirate ship(pvp) opens fire on you and blows your ship to pieces. You know the one that you've been working on to buy after several months of constant mining, I hope you had insurance and cloned yourself or else it's time to mine again because there's no spirit res! no priest to res you! no warlock to soul-stone you, You're now just in a tiny survival pod floating in a vast emptiness just like how you now feel inside. Enjoy!

(Theres a bit more to it but that's pretty much the gist)

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VoggNogg3261d ago

Rule #1 of EVE: Don't start out mining, that will burn you out faster than any other part of the game. Alot of money can be made without equipping that mining laser.

Rule #2 of EVE: Don't buy what your afraid to lose. So you saved up for months on that big bad ship, only to lose it on your first run? Yeah, that is going to sting a bit. Each ship has their own role in any type of PvP in the game. Been pirating for over three years, and all I fly is a frigate. If I get blown up, oh well, go grab another frig. But when you destroy a mining barge, or a cruiser and above, that covers you for about 30-400 more frigates!

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