Microsoft Supporting 3D Games, But Unsure Of How Big They'll Become

G4tv: "You couldn't walk more than a few feet without running into a 3D-enabled TV at CES 2010. Sony was showing several demonstrations of PlayStation 3 games with 3D flipped on (Super Stardust HD was particularly impressive), while Microsoft was only showing one, an Xbox Live Arcade game called Scrap Metal. Plus, it wasn't the "new" 3D it was the "old" 3D. Does that say something about Microsoft's stance on the 3D revolution the tech industry was pushing at CES? I asked.

"From the technical standpoint, we are fully 3D capable. We have 3D games running today," said Microsoft's Xbox group product manager Aaron Greenberg to me at CES last week."

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ActionBastard3254d ago

..."just look for our 3D glasses on the back of a box of Lucky Charms".

Eddie201013254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

You mean the kind of support they gave HD-DVD? Not much.

evrfighter3254d ago

well they already have a platform supporting 3d gaming

It never really took off as it offer's no real advantages to say fps gaming. If it offer's no advantage then it's just "optional" or maybe a nice gift but...

3d gaming will definately not be must have.

ThanatosDMC3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

3D porn will make 3D-adoption faster. Isnt that what they said with bluray and what happened in dvd?

I dont see the point in gaming 3D-wise. Whatever happened to 4D graphics???

TheBand1t3254d ago

3D porn is nice in theory until you have a giant 3D wang staring you straight in the face.

avengers19783254d ago

Microsoft's new console will be ready for 3D though, and Hell the might even put in that new fangled Blu-Ray tech since there's a clear winner now.

Elven63254d ago

captain-obvious: Why don't you read the article you're linking to? He is basically saying he doesn't know if 3D Gaming will ever become mainstream but if the consumers want it they will do it.

"I think there's a lot of questions, to be honest," Greenberg told us in a meeting here at CES. "3D is great in the theater, but for the living room? I think we're a long ways away from that."

While the Xbox 360 currently supports 3D with games like Avatar, Greenberg points to things like required sitting distances and the need for glasses as potential hurdles.

He adds: "If the consumers want it? Fine."

"In the theater there's nothing between you and the experience, but as you have other people in the room and other people walking by, well, it's not the same experience."

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Another One3254d ago

I agree with their point of view about 3D. Why jump full on into something that doesn't really have any significant audience? I'm certainly not looking to jump on the 3D tv train. I'll wait and see what becomes of 3D video games first and also wait for 3D tvs that require no glasses to fully hit the market.

I still don't see it being more than a gimmick for at least the next couple of years. (cool for movies but a gimmick for games, just like motion controls)

AKNAA3254d ago

"I agree with their point of view about 3D. Why jump full on into something that doesn't really have any significant audience?"

Why? because Sony is leading the way! Duh! CD, DVD, BLURAY and now 3DHD TV's and Games! their on a Roll man, yeah!

Another One3254d ago

Sony isn't leading the 3D charge with tv's. Samsung and Mitsubishi are right now. I know Sony will definitely hit that market hard but they aren't leading the way in that department and it still doesn't convince me of the legitimacy of 3D gaming.

I like Sony and they make good product but it'll take more than that to convince me.

peterdawa3254d ago

when it comes to innovation microsoft has never lead. its very evident in the way they conduct business. They watch and then attempt to join when they see others making profit. This can be seen with their entry into the console market. Their attempt to get into motion controls and their attempt to steal former sony exclusives. Some may say its business and its fair but it also means we never see anything new from them.

Fair-Play3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Do you constantly have to void any truth to make Sony look like demigods?


Your so right the guys in charge of Sony never get anything wrong I mean look at the PS3 in 3rd place.

Let me correct your setting stones...


I mean yeah your so right the guys at Sony ain't human I can't see a flop in there, I mean seriously no one can say Sony doesn't lead with innovation but they get it wrong like everyone else. Sometimes its smart to have caution before jumping in head first.


Marceles3254d ago

It's smart to have caution, but someone still has to take the risk or else nothing will change

nix3254d ago

i think.. AKNAA was talking in context of games innovations.

@Another One: as far as "not having significant audience" is concerned... i think it's like early birds get the worms scenario. everyone thought Blu-ray wasn't needed. even PS3 was suppose to flop. see how the non-existence audience for those stuffs are now blooming like hell. MS wants to wait and see how 3D folds out but they might just be late.

Triella3254d ago

Betamax format has lead the professional audiovisual industry for 20 years have you never heard about Betacam, Betacam SP and Digital Betacam ? So yes it was a commercial success.

saint_john_paul_ii3254d ago

Triella is actually right. Despite Sony Losing that format War to VHS, BETAMAX became quite popular with the Pros. yea, you know the guys who work at your local TV stations making sure you are able to watch the news and your favorate shows, on a betamax.

rockleex3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

I'm not so sure about that. Samsung is equally prepared when it comes to TVs. Its anyone's game in that area.

But, Sony is leading the 3D charge with EVERYTHING ELSE.

Avatar was made with Sony 3D cameras!
Sony will be hosting sports games in 3D
Sony is collaborating with Imax to deliver 3D TV channels
Sony will be delivering 3D games
Sony will be delivering 3D movies

Sony is FINALLY using all of its resources to its advantage.

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albert_2753254d ago

Smart. I'm also skeptical of all this 3D technology. It's several years too early - consumers have just started to jump on HDTVs. Not to mention the lack of demand for games in 3D.

And about Sony always leading the way... you guys can't be serious about using that as a legitimate argument.

Immortal Kaim3254d ago

Good to see I'm not the only one sceptical about this sudden push for 3D. It seems that everyone is trying to ride the coattails of the recent Avatar success, I just don't think it is currently mature enough to penetrate the 'home cinema' market.

-Alpha3254d ago

3-D gaming isn't really necessary but it will be an interesting experience.

The main issue involves whether or not they can successfully pull off a legit experience or if it will be no different than a movie-theater experience with goofy 3-D glasses.

Still, I will try it out, but I am not expecting to be super wowed with it.

As for MS, you never know until you lead the way and try it, so if they are skeptical that's fine, but at least somebody like Sony is experimenting.

alphakennybody3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Its not too early, 3-d has been around for a long time. It just hasn't been exploited very well I beleive now is the right time with the shift of hdtv. Excuse like" its too too much of a change..." is the very reason why we're been shafted all the time into paying the same sh*t everyear ( COD4 MW2 goes into mind) and who to blame but ourselves the consummers? like one wise man said "Change is nature"

"And about Sony always leading the way... you guys can't be serious about using that as a legitimate argument."
without sony you're ipod woudln't have existed so thank the walkman for that, or gaming as it is now or the push of cd (thanks to the ps1), then dvd with the ps2, and now blu-ray with the ps3 with out eyetoy motion gaming would have still be an idea on paper now. I'm sorry but since sony entered this industry we've been moving through a lot of positive changes from all camps. PLAY BEYOND

captain-obvious3254d ago

first of all
HD-TV's has been around long time ago
not that long but still long enough

if we haven't tried new things
we would never move on
like for e.g.
if we haven't tried using CD's on a console
we'll be still using cartridges

albert_2753254d ago

I just don't think 3d glasses are the future. Head tracking (guy several posts below) is a much more 'wantable' feature.
People love to see movies in 3D. It's something new, something different from what they're used to seeing. However, I don't see that easily becoming a part of everyday life - at least for gamers.

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So Easy I Can Do It3254d ago

is the opposite in real life down the road.
ie bill gates.

Neo6043254d ago

Sony is always the industry leader.
for instance Samsung claim they came out with LED TV wich isn't exactly LED TV. It's just LED backlit, It's stil a LCD TV.

The real LED is the Sony OLED TV, 11" for $2000.
The reason Sony haven't release it yet cause real LED TV too expensive.
They say it'll be another 6-7 years.

hoops3254d ago

Right now the industry leader for TV's is Samsung.

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