Giant Bomb: Darksiders Review

Darksiders is an action-adventure that takes inspiration from several different video game sources, culling concepts like Portal's portal gun or the basic lock-on style shooting from Panzer Dragoon and placing them into game that most directly resembles the structure of a modern Legend of Zelda game that comes complete with a boomerang, a hookshot, and a horse that helps you get around more easily. It's interesting because the elements that come from other games are overt, core parts of the game, rather than subtle bites of a more-famous franchise. Despite the way that Darksiders makes you think of some other game at every turn, it doesn't feel like some copycat piece of trash. Instead, all this "borrowing" results in a game that, at times, feels a whole lot like Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series. And it's done well enough that folks looking for a Zelda-style adventure won't be disappointed.

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Blaster_Master3260d ago

LOL @ the "it borrows from" line cause every game borrows ideas from one game or another. Dont get me wrong. I love those guys at the Giant Bomb. But those old cats are farting dust. Time to get a new gig boys, your getting all washed up.