Top 5 Upcoming Playstation 3 Exclusives in 2010

The Playstation 3 has gotten some excellent exclusive games over the past two years. 2010 is shaping up to be another great year for PS3-only titles.

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danthegardner3260d ago

The Last Guardian is my #1 and God of War 3 is my #2. Woo hoo!!

brianleppez3260d ago

how many of these lists do we get each week anyway?
always stating the same title. we all know they're going to be amazing. no need for this list.

deadreckoning6663260d ago

Its gunna be Agent for me. Rockstar rarely disappoints.

-Alpha3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

As long as articles suck up to the majority it will be praised and approved. N4G isn't a place for proper journalism: it's just a circus where the majority approve and bias prevails.

Yes, these lists are done to death, with the same games, some in different order, some in the same position. It gets especially annoying in the beginning of a new year. I've seen 3 other "top 5 ps3 exclusives of 2010" but guess what? People tend to forget.

Ever watch the episode of South Park called Chinpokomon? Remember what the Japanese told the Americans anytime the Americans would question them? Yeah, that's exactly what happens here: People will criticize the journalism when an article says something they don't like, but when an article says something the people like then nobody cares for the "journalism integrity" that they uphold.

Dutch Boogie3260d ago

Man 5 is simply not enough when mentioning ps3 exclusives. All i know is i will be getting possible 95% of all ps3 exclusives plus multiplats.

And who said you are a fanboy if you don't have all systems? some people just have a life and prefer to game on a certain system.

Saaking3260d ago

PS3 exclusives are certainly the best. While I'll be getting a lot more 360 games this year, it still pales in comparison to the PS3's epic lineup.

remanutd553260d ago

well we havent seen anything about the game yet , i understand your point and i am really excited to see gameplay from AGENT very soon but i think the journalist was just listing game that are almost confirmed to come out this year ( keep in mind i said almost because i dont think The Last Guardian have a released date yet ) but i think after E3 they will have to make another top 5 upcoming ps3 exclusives for the Holidays 2010 lol ( if the rumors are true , Resistance , Twisted Metal , Syphon Filter and Starwawk are indeed coming out this year )

Blaze9293260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

God of War 3, Heavy Rain, and Agent is all I care about for 2010 for the known games at least. IF Agent even makes it for 2010 (doubt it).

Give me Twister Metal PS3 dammit!

Aclay3260d ago

I'm still not too sure how likely The Last Guardian will come out in 2010, but if it does, it's my most anticipated followed by GOW3, GT5, AGENT and then Heavy Rain, and that's just going off of the currently announced games.

Never tried a Yakuza game before, but I'm interested in getting Yakuza 3, and I really hope Sega releases Yakuza 4 in the West before 2011... originally Sega didn't plan on bringing Yakuza 3 to the West, so I feel pretty confident the 4th installment will hit the West in time for a Holiday 2010 release.

NewZealander3260d ago

last guardian is the only game on that list that interests me, they needed to add mod nation racers too.

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Troll_Police3260d ago

Why did they stop at 5? This is the PS3 so you could make a top 10 exclusives list. Only on Playstation.

mynd3260d ago

I must admit I thought there are better games you surely could put in the top 5 for the PS3.
AFAIK Last Guardian isnt even confirmed 2010?

MetalGearRising3260d ago

And all those games combined won't make Halo Reach numbers which is a FACT.

brianleppez3260d ago

you go ahead and brag about your sales, i'll be playing great games when you're here staring at a computer monitor.

danthegardner3260d ago

Does that make Halo Reach a better game. And does that make the ps3 games worse.

kaelix3260d ago

lol seriously I'd prefer to have games over sales any day. what do sales do for me? nothing! at the end of the day we get more games to play. while you sit there fondling your sales.

NateCole3260d ago

Were you just born yesterday?. GT5 > Halo Reach. GT is always bigger than Halo. Don't kill yourself over this fact.

Bill Gates3260d ago

I will literally buy Halo's 1 through 10 and peel rubber on every disk in celebration of when GT5 comes out....AHAHAHA

Narutone663260d ago

to think that the head Kratos is holding is yours.

snubben963259d ago

I don't care about how many copys HALO:REACH will sell.
I'll happilly play GOOD games on my ps3 instead, there is a reason why ps3 exclusives doesn't sell as much as the xbox exlusives and that reason is variety

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Halo3 MLG Pro3260d ago

God of War 3 is the only game I'm interested in. Damn, they're still aren't making my beloved Twisted Metal franchise. Looks like I'm not buying a ps3 in 2010. Just not enough big hitters.

Christopher_Walken3260d ago

I'm not even going to waste my virtual breath.

NateCole3260d ago

Funny. Its the exact opposite for me with the x360. The only game i want of the x360 is Killer Instinct 3. Since its not announced this year i will pass on the x360 again. However even if it was announced the x360 is a kiddy console.

thebudgetgamer3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

never mind this whole place is f'ed up. good work mods.

Dutch Boogie3260d ago

Dude why are you even here? Oh i see already tired of bragging about the same Halo games over and over gain? lol GTFOutta here.

red2tango3260d ago

lol wow ummm i remember in 2007 when people said ps3 has no games, and this guy still has the balls to say that

mastiffchild3260d ago

Look, he, and everyone else, knows Jaffe's announcing TMPS3 as soon as he can-it's the worst kept secret withing even Sony circles this gen! He always does this kind of thing so Do Not Feed The Animals. It only makes them pester you even more.

sparta763260d ago

How is it every time u go down to 3 to 4 bubbles, u go away and come back with like 7 bubbles?
And this is ALL the time!
Aren't u the one that was happy when that 9 year old was murdered cause he was a ps3 owner!?
U said something in the line of " one less ps3 fanboy we have to worry about!!!"
I wish I knew who u are!
I could teach u a few things
p.s your a low life

For Great Justice3260d ago

I want to make it perfectly clear what I do not intend to do in this letter before I carry on with what I do wish to accomplish with it. To plunge right into it, before Halo3 MLG Pro once again claims that those who disagree with him should be cast into the outer darkness, should be shunned, should starve, he should do some real research rather than simply play a game of bias reinforcement with his mercenaries. This serves as a reminder that education without action creates frustration, while action without education leads to mandarinism. Don't make the mistake of thinking otherwise. Halo3 MLG Pro does, and that's why I have some advice for him. He should keep his mouth shut until he stops being such an unconscionable dole-sucking parasite and starts being at least one of informative, agreeable, creative, or entertaining. Some of the facts I'm about to present may seem shocking. This they certainly are. However, whenever he attempts to abridge our basic civil liberties, he looks around waiting for applause as if he's done something decent and moral rather than pouty and abominable. I would like to close by saying that Halo3 MLG Pro has lost sight of the lessons of history.

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