What Are "Great Graphics" Anyway?

RespawnAction writes: "Whenever you think of great graphics, the first few games to come to mind are Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, Gears of War, and of course Haze (gotcha!). But when it comes to saying a game has great graphics, what exactly are we looking for? What about when a gaming site is awarding the "Graphics of the Year" to a particular game? What is the criteria in which you can say a game has great graphics? Is it the realism? The creativity? What do you personally look for?"

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ActionBastard3257d ago

Those games are easy to spot. They're the ones that say "Only on PlayStation" on the cover.

respawnaction3257d ago

I'll steer clear of this debate with the N4G ppl.

Troll_Police3257d ago

So true, the games with the best graphics are only on PS3.

Saaking3257d ago

You won't know the answer to that unless you own a PS3 or a really, really good PC to run Crysis on max.

mal_tez923257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

-High polygon count
-High resolution textures
-Good effects
-Good lighting
-Good animation doesn't hurt either

Question answered

@above: will my 5770 do that?

NewZealander3257d ago

tech and art for sure, for me personally i love good art, great character design and animation are essential.

Darkstorn3256d ago

Great graphics aren't limited to games with good technology. A great art style for a game can mean the graphics are just as good, if not better, than a more 'realistic' game. For example, Brutal Legend may not have the best technical graphics, but the art style is among the best I've seen.

Darkstorn3256d ago

The PC still churns out the best graphics out there. It may be more fashionable to be a console owner, but computers will always have the largest technical capacity, if only because of their upgradability.

sikbeta3256d ago

"What Are "Great Graphics" Anyway?"

IDK, ask to xboyz:

"The Multiplatz have da bezt graghic eva..."


Who cares Pal, Games are Awesome anyway

SilentNegotiator3256d ago

HD era?? It was sub-HD without AA...

mikeslemonade3256d ago

Great graphics for me is a game that matches or comes close to the current game that has the best graphics.

SoX FireBlade3256d ago

every console has games with good graphics

can you say that MGS 3 or GT4 have horrible graphics now ?

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ape0073257d ago

tech + art direction, both are important to me

art style is the face of the game, it is what make uncharted look special, mgs, gta, cod, kz, zelda, bioshock, I see hundreds of hundreds comparisons between kz2 and halo reach, 90% of the comments fails to understand the impact of art, they just like, master chief got more textures than garza

both are important

PoSTedUP3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

I like realistic, high rez textures along with realistic lighting. But games like flower and battlefield 1943 all have great graphics because everything is so polished and the art style is beautyful.

Great graphics= not much jaggies, attractive artstyle, well polished.

MAG compared to other fps doesn't seem to have great graphics but the art style is there (sort of like warhawk) and it is decent for what it is doing (256 players), if it wasen't as massive and the graphics were the same, the game would most likely fail when you're comparing it to battlefieldBC2 and medal of honor: reboot.

respawnaction3257d ago

1943 and Flower are also great examples. MAG is good too, b/c for what it is doing the game is impressive imo.

NateCole3257d ago

MC has more textures that Graza?. Is that a joke?.

badz1493257d ago

something that stands out from the crowds! something that you can clearly say better than the others! although the PC fans are likely to come in here to claim the graphics crown, IMO I still think KZ2 and Uncharted 2 are looking better than most PC games out there despite only 720p! and this is from someone who have a decent PC to run most games @ 1080p on PC! many times, we can agree that higher resolutions will give crispier graphics but sometimes, it's not all about the 'p', but how to utilize limited spec to produce gorgeous graphic! the 2 games I've mentioned above are the proof of this!

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GrandDragon3257d ago

Final Fantasy 13 have some amazing graphics for a multiplatform game that is so huge. Also the design and imagination are mind boggling

Uncharted 2 also has an amazing Art direction. In fact most Good RPG games and Action orientated titles awesome Designers and Artists

NateCole3257d ago

Its textures, shaders, lightning, environments, particle effects, scale, environments, character models amongst others.

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