OXCGN's Tropico 3 Review: Does This Island Float or Sink?


"City building and management games have always been more prominently played on the PC as opposed to consoles, as the speed and intricate controls often have made it hard to play such a game without the accuracy of a mouse.

Tropico 3, developed by Kalypso Media and released on both the PC (Sept 09) and the Xbox 360 (moved from Oct 09 to 1st Qtr 2010), is set to fix that void. An easy build interface, forgiving controls and most importantly the ability to pause time and set building construction all make this game possible to be enjoyed by both console and PC gamers alike."

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BadCircuit3257d ago

I hadn't heard anything about this game but it looks interesting. Be your own dictator! Yay.

3257d ago
gaminoz3257d ago

If the controls and gameplay work then having a different kind of gaming experience is great...this looks like it would make a great break from fps and action games, but hardly any publicity!

Immortal Kaim3257d ago

Umm How come I have never heard about this? Sounds interesting. Aussie release date anyone?

XboxOZ3603257d ago

I think it's in the second month mate, It was on our list last year, but didn't get many ppl looking at it. After reading and seeing the images, this game has made it straight onto my must-have-list sadly.

XboxOZ3603257d ago

Really, cool, I;ll check it out actually, so long as it's not too dear, then it'll be a buy for me. JB are usually really good with their prices, so it could be a welcome change to the track work I've been doing of late in Forza 3, Grid and other such games.

Gunandthewink3257d ago

Ive imported it and its great, it wasnt out in Australia when I imported it but it may be now.

XboxOZ3603257d ago

So it is s good as he says it is?

It looks and sounds like something you'd be spending a great deal of time in . . ?

So long as the cities expand and contract due to rise and fall of emplyment and management, that would be fine.

How many hours have you put into it so far?

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