Left 4 Dead 2 Update Released

Updates to Left 4 Dead 2 have been released including several gameplay tweaks. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.

See the full changelog on Steam News.

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ThePostalDudeX3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Good job on updating Valve.

VanHalen3262d ago

very disappointing game. single player campaign is basically non existent. talk about boring, same ole online run and gun gameplay. god damn, cant these game companies come up with any new ideas? took it back after a week and will never get another LFD game again!!!!

-MD-3262d ago

You've obviously never played the game.

champ213262d ago

its an awesome game.

was my most played shooter this holiday.

peowpeow3262d ago

Why do we need to know in an article about a L4D 2 update?

hoops3262d ago

You never played the game.....keep on trolling

Dev8 ing3262d ago

I own both L4D and L4d2 (I got the combo pack at steam) and I have to say the game is fun online and it's bloody as hell but if you intend to play it as a offline by yourself it is boring as hell. There is no story it is just a different scenario each time and there is absolutely no character development. The characters are all stereotypes. The next iteration needs a story and characters that you can actually care about whether they survive or not.

GamerPS3603262d ago

$50 PC or $60 360 price tag is little high but game is extremely FUN online. I got L4D for 360 and PC and L4D2 is on PC. Yes, I am crazy :)

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VanHalen3259d ago

Well if thats all you can say is that ive never played the game, thats pretty weak. Picked it up during Christmas at gamestop for $40 and was greatly disappointed! I never played the first one and decided to give this one a try. I played mostly single player campaign as i prefer a good story driven single player experience. Online is too repetetive for me, gets old fast and that goes for most fps games. Not just this one idiots! Played all what of 5 chapters? Got extremely boring and took it back. Just like someone else said in here, if youre playing it for single player campaign youre gonna be bored. It was the same shoot waves of zombie after zombie, over and over again. From the mall to the everglades, i was bored. The movement was great and feel of it. Just the fun factor experience was highly disappointing. I give this game a 7.0