Heroes of Newerth – Why isn't this game getting more press?

Loadscreen investigates the upcoming RTS game Heroes of Newerth. Described as 'A delicate mix of Counter-Strike, Dark Age of Camelot, and Warcraft III – If that's at all possible', the article attempts to raise the profile of this exciting new experience that is already drawing players away from DOTA. Hardcore gamer's only.

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tdrules3257d ago

because its in closed beta?

trix0r3257d ago

Technically it's not strictly 'closed beta', because if you have a key you can invite your friends. Also during the Christmas period they had a free sign up time where anyone could join the beta. Secondly, why should the game not get more press just because it's in beta? I was just commenting on the fact that not many people are talking about it on a site like N4G that's all.

Leord3256d ago

@ trix0r:
That doesn't mean it's not in closed beta....

Just because they have periods of "FFA" invites to increase the testing numbers does not mean it's open beta.

Either way, the argument is moot. It's a lovely game.

For everyone else:

Also try out LoL (League of Legends)! It's less hardcore and less full of people who think they are hardcore, the game is released and it's free to play.

ThePostalDudeX3256d ago

My friends are addicted to this game.....I really don't see the draw that this game has on people, Sure I'll play it with them sometimes but It gets stale after awhile.

Azurite3256d ago

Isn't this that standalone DOTA clone?
Not sure what the connection to Counter-Strike and Dark Age of Camelot is has.

Can someone enlighten me?

brodels3256d ago

is amazing and addicting. DotA is THE ONLY game I've played everyday for over 4 years... and since I started playing HoN - I haven't played DotA once! This game blows DotA away - it's like DotA on steroids. HoN is definitely going to be played by me daily for the next few years.

Tarmgar3256d ago

I love this game greatly. I pre-bought it actually. Only $30.

Leord3256d ago

Me to. Well worth it.

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The story is too old to be commented.